Max Raptor / Yearbook / Swim Good / Let’s Talk Daggers / Sutek [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 24/2/2015]

max raptor boileroomTuesday was a good day until I got to this show and realised it had started earlier than predicted, and I’d missed not only openers Sutek, but also one of my favourite new bands of math-metal maniacs, Let’s Talk Daggers. Sad face indeed. Still, Swim Good soothed my cravings for complex tunes with a loose but still awesome set. These guys can do no wrong, even when beset by technical issues. They really are that goddamn good. Happy face: restored for the rest of the night.

Yearbook (think a pop-punk Reuben augmented by the occasional bit of fancy guitar work) never fail to Read more…

Posted on 26 February 2015

TMMP’s EPs & Tracks Of 2014

I have a very strong emotional attachment to many of the releases listed below. Choosing this list was exceptionally tough; I’ve been fortunate to discover some incredible bands and artists over the past year, and it’s safe to say that outside this list lie a great many immense tunes that can be found via a quick browse through TMMP’s archives when you’re done with this lot. However, the following choices are the cream of the crop. Read more…

Posted on 27 December 2014

Swim Good – ‘Little Victories EP’ [Review]

swim good little victoriesSwim Good consistently rock good – and this fresh threesome continues the winning streak so far upheld by previous release Yeah Yeah Great Yeah and a pair of storming live setsLittle Victories contrasts undeniable catchiness and jaunty guitars with vicious, go-for-the-throat lyrics; Love Don’t Tempt Me shines through live demo-level production that lends a surprisingly invigorating rawness to proceedings; and the closing cover of Ella Eyre’s Comeback is slinky, shiny, and entertaining. Read more…

Posted on 07 December 2014

Hearts Under Fire / Swim Good / Fallow Fields / Rival Empires [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 6/11/14]

huf album launch boileroom2014 has been a good year for awesome album launches at the Boileroom. This time around, opening act Rival Empires lived up to expectations by delivering a strong set backed up with energetic stage presence and buckets of passion. Current TMMP favourite If I Was A Whale (prefaced by a short grammatical debate as kicked off here) sounds epic live, overshadowing the inevitable Paramore comparisons with nostalgic reminders of how good Lostprophets were before Ian Watkins started touching kids. It’s all about the clean sections in that tune, while elsewhere we got unexpectedly brutal riffs and shades of the Foo Fighters and Incubus. Add to that some solid musicianship and a guitarist capable of throwing up the devil horns mid-riff without missing a subdivision, and you have a brilliant up and coming British band. Read more…

Posted on 09 November 2014

Trails Discuss: The Boileroom & UK Live Music

trailsWith Guildford venue the Boileroom facing the possibility of closure, TMMP caught up with local rock legends Trails to discuss the Boileroom and the state of the UK’s live music scene.

This interview is part of a larger TMMP feature which can be read in full here.

What is your general opinion of the Boileroom?

The Boileroom is our home away from home – a great venue that we love playing and love going to. As a band we cut our live teeth there, and as punters we’ve seen too many bands to count – from The Bronx to Reel Big Fish – and so many of our friends’ bands and other bands on the UK touring scene.

What would happen if the Boileroom were to shut down? What impact would that event have?

Guildford would lose a big point of alternative culture, 90% of the times I go out in Guildford it’s to the Boileroom for a good old fashioned rock show. It’s not the only venue that puts on live music but it does sound the best and has the best Read more…

Posted on 10 September 2014

Trails / Swim Good / Dragons That Make Love To Pandas / Cavalier [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 6/9/14]

trails album launchThe Boileroom team sure know how to throw the quietest (or at least best-soundproofed) album launch parties in town. Read more…

Posted on 07 September 2014

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