The Hyena Kill – ‘Atomised’ [Review]

The Hyena Kill Atomised Album Review 2016

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Let’s get the lazy comparison part of this review out of the way first. To my ears, on Atomised The Hyena Kill often sound like the next Royal Blood.

But, at the same time, that tag alone doesn’t do them justice.

The Hyena Kill – comprised of guitarist/vocalist Steven Dobb and pneumatic-limbed drummer Lorna Blundell – deal in hectic, raw, vitally energetic and punk-edged rock songs. Atomised sounds monolithic, a feral and Read more…

Posted on 13 April 2016

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 [Festival Preview]

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 2015 2014 Preview SikTh Sonic Boom Six Press To MECO Blood Youth Dorje The Hyena Kill Grumble Bee The Algorithm InMe Zebrahead 2015 2014 2013 London Rock Metal Punk Alt Alternative Ska Punk Dub Reggae The Hell Comedy Instrumental Prog Progressive Young Guns The Cribs

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If you’re a UK-based rock, metal, and/or punk fan, you need to be at Camden Rocks Festival this year. The lineup is fucking ear-watering, totalling 200 bands performing live and in your face over the course of one single day and multiple London venues.

At the time of writing, 80 bands still have yet to be announced – but of those we do know about, here are seven of my personal favourites:


Sikth Live Crowd Shot Camden Rocks Festival 2016 Opacities

As any self-respecting tech-metal fan knows, SikTh are absolutely sick. Returning to shatter minds after an extended split via a series of rapturously received reunion shows and last December’s awe-inspiring Opacities, SikTh are continuing to Read more…

Posted on 09 April 2016

Wolfmother – ‘Victorious’ [Review]

Wolfmother - Victorious (Review)

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With Lemmy and Bowie having graduated to the great Hall Of Fame in the sky and poppy rubbish dominating the airwaves, rock ‘n’ roll needs all the fresh blood it can get in order to keep on fighting the good fight.

Back in 2005, Wolfmother emerged as major vital force donors, their eponymous debut dropping bomblike into the mainstream’s staling consciousness. Since then, Read more…

Posted on 19 February 2016

Fizzy Blood [Interview]

Fizzy Blood

When a brand new band pop up with an arena-ready release, they certainly grab your attention. Leeds-based horror rockers Fizzy Blood have done that – and on the back of new EP Feast, they’re set to do much, much more. TMMP caught up with the band to discuss the respectable story behind that quirky monicker, the band’s origin story, and the making of an EP you need to hear…

This first question is really bugging me: Is your band named after Jamie Lenman’s song, Fizzy Blood?

In short: yes. Ben and Paul are heavily influenced by Reuben and Lenman’s work, so when they formed the band and were spitballing names, as soon as Fizzy Blood was mentioned it just clicked.

As well as a nice little way to pay homage to one of our favourite songwriters, it’s also pretty cool – right?

Your new EP Feast is out now. How’re you feeling about it? Read more…

Posted on 24 June 2015

Fizzy Blood – ‘Feast’ [Review]

Fizzy Blood

Opening with eerie arpeggios reminiscent of Soundgarden at their best and tangentially kicking into a fat, strutting vintage-modern groove, Black Sheep is so huge and sexy it should be filed under “BBW” on a porn site, not “Rock ‘N’ Roll” on iTunes. It’s also a great start to a six-track EP that wastes no time in establishing Fizzy Blood as ones to watch.

January Sun blends a warm four-to-the-floor beat with raw Read more…

Posted on 21 June 2015

The Hyena Kill [Live Review – The Stillery, Camden, 31/3/2015]

hyena kill stilleryLast damp and windy night, few sounds in Camden were as inviting as the loud, raucous rock’n’roll blasting from the Stillery. To be fair, there wasn’t much competition bar a handful of idiots driveby-harassing women, and a couple having a bust-up in the street – but Wicked Snakes would still have come out on top had the competition been much stiffer. Wicked Snakes deal in no-bullshit rock music in the same Zep-meets-Queens-of-the-Stone-Age vein as Them Crooked Vultures – and they do it damn well.

The Hyena Kill’s latest release, Blisters/Still Sick (reviewed on TMMP here) comes very, very Read more…

Posted on 01 April 2015

The Hyena Kill [Interview]

hyena kill stilleryWith a hotly tipped Hyena Kill showcase happening in London at the Stillery tomorrow evening, vocalist/guitarist Steven Dobb and TMMP got talking about said show, chaos, and swimming with sharks…

You have a showcase in London coming up tomorrow. How’re you feeling about it?

Really excited; every time we come and play in London it’s always an awesome show. Wicked Snakes are an incredible band as well – can’t wait to see them live.

How do you feel about the reception your new release Blisters / Still Sick [reviewed on TMMP here] has received so far?

It’s been really good. Both tracks are a bit more heavier and chaotic than our previous stuff so it’s good to see people getting into it and getting on board with Read more…

Posted on 30 March 2015

The Hyena Kill – ‘Blisters / Still Sick’ [Review]

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 20.07.01Late one night during a week-long road trip, a former female friend and I stopped at a petrol station and bought a copy of a men’s magazine, from which she recited the following “Real Life Confessions” tale in the style of a BBC newsreader:

“Last year, I discovered that my now-ex husband was cheating on me. The day I found out, he Read more…

Posted on 08 March 2015

Max Raptor / Yearbook / Swim Good / Let’s Talk Daggers / Sutek [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 24/2/2015]

max raptor boileroomTuesday was a good day until I got to this show and realised it had started earlier than predicted, and I’d missed not only openers Sutek, but also one of my favourite new bands of math-metal maniacs, Let’s Talk Daggers. Sad face indeed. Still, Swim Good soothed my cravings for complex tunes with a loose but still awesome set. These guys can do no wrong, even when beset by technical issues. They really are that goddamn good. Happy face: restored for the rest of the night.

Yearbook (think a pop-punk Reuben augmented by the occasional bit of fancy guitar work) never fail to Read more…

Posted on 26 February 2015

Tigercub / Kagoule / The Tens [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 23/2/2015]

tigercubAlthough The Tens do possess plenty of heart, balls, and swagger, they’re currently still at the stage where their instruments own them, rather than the other way around. With more practice (as in “Spending more time beating the living crap out of their instruments” rather than “Studiously woodshedding a path to NoSoulVille”), the Tens will eventually become serious hard-rocking badasses. For now, though, they still need more time to develop.

Kagoule started off sounding like Placebo’s musical test-tube baby (a really cool move) before Read more…

Posted on 25 February 2015

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