Michael Romeo – ‘War Of The Worlds Part 1’ (Album Review)

Michael Romeo War Of the Worlds Part 1 Review Symphony X Album Tour Dates Paradise Lost The Odyssey Underworld Logo Twilight Merchandise

Given that I live a few miles from Woking (the original British setting of H.G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds), anything related to that title naturally grabs my attention. Of course, the fact that this album happens to have been made by Michael Romeo – one of the most proficient guitarists in progressive metal, and the founder of Symphony X, a band I’ve been into since the days of V and The Odyssey – also marks it out as Read more…

Posted on 22 July 2018

The Agony Scene – ‘Tormentor’ (Album Review)

The Agony Scene Tormentor Review New Album 2018 Download Pre Order Albums Band Bandcamp Christian iTunes Merch Zip

With so many soundalike metalcore bands out there, The Agony Scene managed to differentiate themselves by going darker and harder than most of their peers. Now making their return after a lengthy hiatus with Tormentor, their first album in ten years, these guys have decided to mark the occasion by Read more…

Posted on 19 July 2018

Plini – ‘Sunhead’ (EP Review)

Plini Sunhead EP Review Tour Band Animals As Leaders Salt And Charcoal Kind Flaneur Guitar Handmade Cities Strandberg Selenium Forest

Plini is one of the most highly respected instrumental guitarists in the world right now. Steve Vai heavily praised Plini’s first (and so far only) long-player Handmade Cities, while the Australian virtuoso’s DIY work ethic landed him on Download Festival’s Dogtooth Stage for the legendary event’s first ever instrumental guitar set. Although Plini first Read more…

Posted on 18 July 2018

2000 Trees 2018 (Festival Review)

2000 Trees 2018 lineup tickets festival rumours clashfinder date fancy dress announcement review preview

2000 Trees 2018 was easily one of the best festivals I’ve ever been to. Year after year, the Trees team have consistently worked to build and improve on everything they’ve achieved – and by this point, 2000 Trees has a practically unrivalled reputation amongst fans of British underground music.

This past weekend, one of the UK music scene’s greatest institutions exceeded all expectations Read more…

Posted on 16 July 2018

SikTh (Interview)

Sikth Band Tour Merch Glasgow New Album 2000 Trees

Standing out has never been an issue for SikTh. Even surrounded by alternative minds on bills from Tech-Fest to 2000 Trees, the Watford sextet just keep pushing the bar to even more extreme heights. Following on from an interview last December, guitarist/producer Dan Weller and I talked about secretly supporting Metallica; the ultimate fantasy band; and SikTh’s next Read more…

Posted on 09 July 2018

Dave McPherson (Interview)

Dave McPherson InMe 2000 Trees 2018 Interview Tour

As a cult musical hero and prolific solo artist – not to mention the frontman of long-running British alt-metal survivors InMe – Dave McPherson is a natural choice for 2000 Trees’ first-night post-headliner Forest Session. Read on to learn about his special plan for 2000 Trees 2018, accidental onstage unconsciousness, and Read more…

Posted on 04 July 2018

Conjurer (Interview)

Conjurer Mire Review UK Band Tour Dates Live Retch Choke Holy Roar Interview

As I prepared to interview Conjurer drummist Jan Krause, I didn’t expect to end up covering Gary Numan, The Mills Brothers, or Peter Gabriel’s proclivity for onstage bike rides. But then, Conjurer are not exactly predictable – and with multiple festival appearances coming up this summer, expect the kind of Read more…

Posted on 01 July 2018

2000 Trees 2018 (Festival Preview)

2000 Trees 2018 lineup tickets festival rumours clashfinder date fancy dress announcement review preview

British festivalgoers are spoilt for choice year after year, but 2000 Trees remains top of the list for connoisseurs of alternative and underground music. Its lineups are legendary, each day carefully scheduled to ensure minimal clashes and more time spent watching bands, not tearing your hair out trying to Read more…

Posted on 28 June 2018

Underground Greats: MØL

MØL Mol Band Blackgaze interview feature jord stream holy roar

In the world of underground music, popular opinion doesn’t count for much – but when everyone in the underground agrees on something unanimously, it’s worth sitting up and paying attention. This isn’t a world where spray-tanned mannequins rush to shill for whichever corporations are Read more…

Posted on 25 June 2018

Between The Buried And Me – ‘Automata II’ (Album Review)

Between The Buried And Me Automata II Review Album Release date leak tracklist pre order

When Between The Buried And Me dropped Automata I back in March, it quickly got progressive metal fans hyped for the day they could finally experience the whole thing Read more…

Posted on 23 June 2018