“If you’re looking for a brilliant copywriter and content / social media manager who can handle any request you throw at him (no matter how random it might be), then look no further than Leon! I’ve surprised him with last-minute projects about product launches, completely new websites, investor and partnership pitches, music, gaming, mobile apps, and more – and every time, he’s risen to the challenge and come up with something amazing. If you need a creative Swiss Army knife with serious project management skills, you’ve just found it…I mean him!”

– Parves Shahid (Head of Product, Virtua)


“Leon is a fantastic brand guardian who never lets the smallest imperfection slip by unnoticed. It’s more important than ever for any company to stand out as a leader in its industry, and creative managers like Leon really are like gold dust. His work ethic, the quality of his creative output, and his determination to produce exceptional results make Leon an irreplaceable part of any marketing team.”

– Pierre Dadd (Chief Marketing Officer, Virtua; ex-LEGO, Disney, AutoTrader, BBC)


“Leon consistently brings fresh ideas to the table, injects a unique perspective, and has an impressive ability to quickly onboard himself and hit the ground running. His dedication, creativity, and knack for understanding a brand’s values and voice ensured that we met deadlines with quality content options – and established effective processes that streamlined our workflow. I wholeheartedly recommend Leon for any project that demands top-tier marketing, copywriting, and social media expertise.”

– Nigel Carlos (CMO, Pixelcraft Studios / Aavegotchi; ex-Grayscale, Alien Worlds, Sony, Sega, Ubisoft, THQ, Volkswagen, Suzuki, Fiat, Jeep, Jägermeister, Rémy Martin)


“Leon is a natural manager and amazing copywriter who pays attention to every last detail of every project he works on. He can tackle complex projects, manage heavy workloads, onboard and guide new staff, work alongside designers and other creatives, offer plenty of deeply considered analysis, and stay on top of things even when deadlines get tight. If you set Leon a task, you can rest assured that it’ll be completed to the highest possible standards – and he’ll quickly organise others to make sure that the whole team achieves its goals.”

– Donna Chen (Marketing Director, Virtua; ex-GAME, Toys R Us, Boots, Debenhams)


“Leon’s social copywriting, content management skills, and incredible attention to detail really helped Virtua stand out from the crowd as we grew our six-figure social audience by over 25%. From regulatory technicalities to jargon-busting and making our content fun to engage with, Leon’s provided countless cool ideas and snippets of wisdom during our time working together. If you need help coming up with epic social content, this is your guy!”

– Travis Lee Stevens (Partnership Lead & Business Development Specialist at Virtua)


“Leon’s creative and strategic experience, and his passion for world-class content, is truly invaluable when you’re working on any kind of marketing project. The Web3, blockchain, metaverse, crypto, and NFT spaces are all still emerging and constantly evolving – but Leon somehow stays on top of everything, and his input and ideas are always in tune with the very latest industry developments. Having worked in music for about 20 years, and gained years of Web3 experience in that time, he also has tremendous empathy for the artists and creatives who stand to gain so much from this new generation of technology, which I feel gives his work that much more energy and power.”

– Gina Tray (Marketing Manager (IPs & Art), Virtua)


“Leon’s proven time and time again that he has what it takes to deliver the best content at speed, and stays professional, positive, and focused even when things get chaotic. Sometimes I’ve asked him for a piece of content, only to find that it’s already been anticipated and completed – so if you need someone who really is ahead of the game, I’d recommend Leon to any bleeding-edge tech and Web3 project.”

– Ed Tucker (Head of Product Development, Virtua)


“Success in the Web3 and blockchain spaces is driven by top-quality content and powerful communities – and Leon brings a powerful awareness of both elements to his work as a content manager and copywriter. He’s authentically passionate about creating work that exceeds expectations and delivers real results, from partnership pitches to social posts, community-focused communications, and any other kind of content you can imagine. He often says that making other people’s lives easier is a key part of his job, and I’ve seen him achieve that goal across a huge range of projects, no matter how complex or time-critical.”

– Yazan Al Kharouf (Partnership/Community Manager, Virtua / Community Management Strategist, Cointelegraph)


Working with Leon has been really easy, fun, and often educational – he’s been in the creative industries for over 20 years, and he’s always been happy to offer ideas and advice in a straightforward and friendly way. With a wide range of knowledge, you can throw anything at him – gaming projects, a website for a brand-new IP, new NFT collections, metaverse lore, an online document covering literally everything about a company in the finest possible detail, new strategic options for NFT comic book launches, literally anything – and he’ll come back with not only perfect content, finely tuned copy, and a positive can-do attitude, but will also offer suggestions and tweaks to take the projects further. If you’re working on any kind of tech, Web3, NFT, metaverse, crypto, or blockchain-related project, Leon is the perfect collaborator.”

– Dan Radianu (Product Manager, Virtua / Virtua Studios)


“Leon is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I consider myself lucky to have collaborated with him on a number of projects while at Virtua. He was instrumental in the creation of our messaging and developing our business narrative. He produces excellent content in a range of formats, without missing a beat. His grammatical skills are second to none, and his attention to detail is equally as impressive.”

– Harry Cole (Head of PR, Virtua)


“Leon’s been working with artistic creatives for decades, and he brings an amazing depth of understanding to his work on NFT art marketing projects. He’s incredibly creative but also super organised, a great content manager and copywriter who can see the big picture and zoom in on the smallest details. He always delivers the world-class results that every project needs in order to get ahead in the hypercompetitive world of Web3, and you need him on your team if you really want to get noticed!”

– Chantal Asaad (Head of Art (Commercial), Virtua)


Leon approaches content and design creation as a collaborative process, and is very open to other people’s ideas and perspectives. He gives other creatives room to experiment and contribute equally, and has an eye for detail that quickly spots potential improvements. He’s always made a huge effort to make everyone else’s lives easier, and his management style really reflects that.”

– Muhammad Sohaib (Design Manager, Virtua)


Leon’s creative flexibility and openness make him a great collaborator. Highly recommended!”

– Tim Hawes (Ivor Novello Award-winning songwriter and lyricist, 10 million record sales, 5 UK #1 singles)


“Leon has a real talent for presenting creative brands in a fresh and engaging way. Would definitely work with him again!”

– Marwan El-Bergamy (Diamond-selling songwriter and producer, Jessie J, Professor Green)


“Leon is always a pleasure to work with, highly knowledgeable and professional in his execution, and very efficient with his time. Will continue to work with him in the future.”

– Charles Algar (Founder & CEO, Graft Social). Graft Social is a social media and marketing agency, managing social accounts with a combined audience of over 300 million followers. Clients include Nike, IBM, FIFA, Vimto, Colgate, Hovis, McVitie’s, Levi Roots, Naked Wines, Umbro, and De Beers.


“Leon has been excellent at taking an assignment and exceeding expectations on what we get back. He’s great with timelines, communications, and dealing with publicists and artists, and would be a great fit on any writing team.”

– Robert Pasbani (Owner and Editor-in-Chief, Metal Injection). Metal Injection is one of the world’s most prominent music journalism platforms, with a global fanbase of over 1.2 million.


Leon TK is a content, marketing, and social media manager, senior copywriter, editor, consultant (covering creative, marketing, branding, SEO, and strategy), author, and former music journalist with over 14 years of experience, a BA(Hons) in Music Business from the University of Surrey, three Google certifications, and over 50 professional certifications from LinkedIn Learning. Leon’s full list of qualifications and experiences can be found on his LinkedIn profile here.

After spending over four years as a consultant at a Web3 record label, and being headhunted by an international recruitment agency, Leon took on a full-time content management and senior copywriting position at Virtua – a gaming metaverse platform (with an integrated NFT marketplace) that provides immersive social, Web3 gaming, digital collectible and creative experiences through NFTs, blockchain technology, VR, AR, mobile and desktop interfaces, and TVK (Virtua’s native cryptocurrency token).

Virtua’s partners include a long list of world-famous brands and creatives, from superstar comedian Kevin Hart to Legendary Entertainment (Godzilla vs. Kong, Pacific Rim, Lost in Space), Paramount Pictures (Top Gun), Cardano/IOG, Binance, Uniswap, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Elvis Presley, CoinMarketCap, Polygon, Premier League and England football superstar Jesse Lingard, Williams Racing (F1), Shelby American, Stephen Colbert, Nitro League, Kraken, Kucoin, AscendEX, Dynamite Entertainment (The Boys, Sherlock Holmes), the Hero Indian Super League, ADA Anvil, platinum-selling songwriter and artist Ross Golan, a huge range of prestigious visual artists including Tim Cantor, Nick Percival, Amrita Sethi, John Taylor Dismukes, and many other NFT, metaverse, crypto, gaming, and Web3 projects.

Leon has also worked as a senior copywriter and content manager for Pixelcraft Studios, the creators of Aavegotchi – a popular Web3, NFT, and DeFi gaming ecosystem comprising multiple games, one of the world’s most active DAOs, a gaming blockchain, a metaverse platform, a crypto token ($GHST), an NFT art marketplace, and a global community of 140,000 fans.

Pixelcraft’s partners include Polygon, Chainlink, The Sandbox, YGG, Aave, Binance, Coinbase, OKX, and over 100 other companies and projects across the Web3 and gaming sectors.

Leon’s freelance client list has included:

  • The Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM), one of the UK’s most prominent and innovative music schools. Alumni include Ed Sheeran, Matt Healy (The 1975), Newton Faulkner, and Joe Clegg (Ellie Goulding, Mumford & Sons, Clean Bandit).
  • ICMP (The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), the UK’s longest-running contemporary music school. Alumni include Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Luke Patterson (Clean Bandit), and social media superstars Rob Chapman, Justin Sandercoe, and Jon Gomm.
  • Graft Social, a social media and marketing agency that owns, manages, runs, and consults for social accounts with a combined audience of over 300 million followers. Graft’s client list includes some of the world’s most prominent celebrities, influencers, and brands (including Nike, IBM, FIFA, Vimto, Colgate, Hovis, McVitie’s, Levi Roots, Naked Wines, Umbro, and De Beers).
  • Impact Designs, a British design, marketing, and branding agency, covering multiple industries including entertainment, music, and healthcare.
  • NQ (formerly Northern Quarterz), a full-service entertainment company based in Manchester. NQ represents Aitch (a British rapper with multiple chart hits, over 670 million YouTube views, and featured spots on tracks by Stormzy and Ed Sheeran), platinum-selling record producer Whyjay, and Zeph – a rapper-songwriter with more than 30 million YouTube views. NQ’s collaborative partners include Manchester United, Nike, Adidas, EA, Universal, Activision, Footasylum, Sony RCA, Warner Brothers, Manchester City F.C., Sports Direct, and Cyprus Break Festival.
  • Ryalto, a healthcare and culture change organisation with multiple NHS and private healthcare contracts.
  • Metal Injection, one of the world’s largest and most respected music journalism platforms, with over 1.2 million readers worldwide.
  • Promoly, an online music marketing and PR management platform used by hundreds of record labels, PR companies, and independent bands and artists.
  • An Uber-style transportation app company (NDA confidential), focusing on UI/UX, design, content, marketing, branding, crypto integration, and general business strategies.
  • An executive coaching company (NDA confidential) with over 100 corporate clients, including Disney, the BBC, De Beers, LEGO, and financial, military, and government agencies.
  • The aforementioned Web3 record label (NDA confidential), with a specific focus on blockchain tech, NFTs, decentralised finance (DeFi), fan tokens, smart contracts, DEXes, the metaverse, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Musicisum, a video-based online music education platform with 100,000 members.

Leon has also collaborated with all three major record labels (Universal, Sony, and Warner Music, including subsidiaries such as Virgin/EMI, Razor & Tie, RCA, Spinefarm Records, Warner Bros Records, Reprise, etc), countless independent labels (e.g. Marshall Records, BMG, Nuclear Blast, Napalm Records, Epitaph, Century Media, Kscope, Fearless, Metal Blade, Good Fight Music, E1, UNFD, Sumerian etc), dozens of PR companies, and thousands of bands and artists.

You can contact Leon directly through email (info@leontk.com), or LinkedIn.

To check out Leon’s creative portfolio, click here.

Thanks for reading! :)