Why Do Good Bands Break Up?

why do good bands break up leon tk amazon book

“A must-read for music fans everywhere” – Musicisum

Why do rock stars like Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington kill themselves? Why do superstars struggle to stay afloat? And why do so many fail to make it in the first place?

Only this book has all the answers. Welcome to the dark side of the music business.

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Posted on 27 March 2018

Monuments (The Phronesis Interview)

Monuments Phronesis Review Interview John Browne Album 2018 M3 tour the amanuensis gnosis chris barretto guitarist i the creator i the destroyer discography facebook

On October 5, tech-metal fans can look forward to the long-awaited unveiling of Phronesis, the latest collection of groove-heavy tracks from the band who unleashed The Amanuensis about four years ago. For now, let’s just say that you need to pre-order Phronesis immediately via this link, and read on to dig into an epic-length chat with Monuments guitarist and mastermind John Browne about his band’s post-Amanuensis issues, the story behind standout Phronesis track Stygian Blue, onstage flashers, a ton of advice for up-and-coming musicians, and Read more…

Posted on 14 August 2018

Suicidal Tendencies – ‘STill Cyco Punk After All These Years’ (Album Review)

Suicidal Tendencies Still Cyco Punk After All These Years Review World Gone Mad Mike Muir Cyco Miko Dave Lombardo

As this album’s title indicates, crossover thrash masters Suicidal Tendencies have a habit of getting straight to the point. They generally live and play as fast as possible while still remaining musical, rarely wasting a moment on listener-boring self-indulgence. They know when to Read more…

Posted on 13 August 2018

Skyharbor – ‘Sunshine Dust’ (Album Review)

Skyharbor Sunshine Dust Review Guiding Lights band bandcamp facebook merch

Since absolutely smashing it with the incredible Guiding Lights back in 2014, Skyharbor have been through more than their fair share of upheaval. Drummer Anup Sastry and vocalist Daniel Tompkins left within six days of each other back in June 2015, while Sunshine Dust itself was taken back into the studio and re-recorded late last year. Inevitably, a creative direction change has been coming – but especially considering the great music that’s come before, this album is largely Read more…

Posted on 11 August 2018

Boss Keloid (Interview)

Boss Keloid Arctangent 2018 melted on the inch chronosiam herb your enthusiasm

This interview contains one of my favourite answers of all time. Boss Keloid open the Yohkai Stage at ArcTanGent in about a week’s time – so check out the video below to see why they should not be missed, and read on to see if you can guess which response was the clear winner… Read more…

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Posted on 08 August 2018

As It Is – ‘The Great Depression’ (Album Review)

As It Is The Great Depression Review merch tour band tickets okay

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Depression is a cunt. According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, combined anxiety and depression is the most prevalent mental health issue in this country, ruining and even destroying life for far too many people. Add in the fact that over one million people a year die by suicide worldwide, and you’re only scratching the surface of the topic tackled by As It Is throughout The Great Depression. Read more…

Posted on 07 August 2018

18 Bands To See At ArcTanGent 2018

When a festival’s lineup includes an insane number of inevitably epic sets, it’s hard to know where to start – and ArcTanGent 2018 is packed with intriguing prospects. Hopefully, this list will help prog-math-post-whatever fans overcome option paralysis, and start you off on the path to the perfect ATG experience… Read more…

Posted on 03 August 2018

Underground Greats: Toska

Toska Fire By The Silos Review Bandcamp Live Review Ode To The Author EP Launch Band Rabea Massaad Ben Minal Dave Hollingworth Rob Chapman Dorje Tour Album

Although we’re only about two thirds of the way through 2018, 2019 looks to be Toska’s year. Made up of three quarters of chart-topping alt-rock-prog-metal internet sensations Dorje, Toska have already proven themselves as virtuosos – not to mention awesome music teachers. Guitarist Rabea Massaad and bassist Dave Hollingworth can be found teaching six-string skills and Jedi-level production through online music school Musicisum, founded and owned by bandmate and drumming octopus Ben Minal.

These guys know their shit, and to argue otherwise would be akin to Read more…

Posted on 01 August 2018

Deaf Havana – ‘Rituals’ (Album Review)

Deaf Havana Rituals Review New Album Tour Setlist Merch Lyrics Tickets All These Countless Nights UK

On last January’s All These Countless Nights, Deaf Havana hit an all-time high. Countless musicians dream of the Holy Grail, the achievement of simultaneous commercial and artistic success – and these guys achieved it in style. All These Countless Nights was sick, and hit the UK Albums Chart in fifth place.

Everything was looking up, and everyone wanted Read more…

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Posted on 30 July 2018

Crossfaith – ‘Ex Machina’ (Album Review)

Crossfaith Ex Machina Review tour album linkin park uk merch omen band albums download xeno zip interview

“Electronicore concept album” is something of a mouthful, but it perfectly encapsulates what Crossfaith have lined up for their fifth full-length release. Already globally notorious for their consistently inventive mix of assorted metal and electronic styles, these guys have managed to make an admittedly Read more…

Posted on 27 July 2018

Trophy Eyes – ‘The American Dream’ (Album Review)

Trophy Eyes The American Dream Review Album merch lyrics uk chlorine tour

Relocation is usually key to creative development, whether it be stylistic, mental, or physical. New perspectives, directions, lessons, discoveries, and opportunities rarely come when people sit and stagnate – and Trophy Eyes have never been ones to stick fast and stand still. That fact has earned them plenty of detractors, but it’s also Read more…

Posted on 24 July 2018