TMMP’s EPs & Tracks Of 2014

I have a very strong emotional attachment to many of the releases listed below. Choosing this list was exceptionally tough; I’ve been fortunate to discover some incredible bands and artists over the past year, and it’s safe to say that outside this list lie a great many immense tunes that can be found via a quick browse through TMMP’s archives when you’re done with this lot. However, the following choices are the cream of the crop. Read more…

Posted on 27 December 2014

Dragons That Make Love To Pandas – ‘Roundabouts EP’ [Review]

dragons that make love to pandasTheir name might evoke images of seedy backstreet Chinatown massage parlours, but Dragons That Make Love To Pandas offer much more than just happy endings. Every moment on Roundabouts is masterfully tuned to elicit maximum pleasure of a different sort – the kind of excitement that comes from having one’s auditory cortex stimulated by a unique combination of stylistic elements. DTMLTP drop ska, math, guitar-pop and more into the musical equivalent of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, and what emerges is appropriately awe-inspiring. Read more…

Posted on 24 September 2014

Tobias Schuler – ‘Mind Over Matter’ [Review]

Since founding TMMP, I’ve been forced to cut the phrase “I’ve seen it all” from my vocabulary. Although I already knew that the world of music is an incredibly vast and varied space before starting the journey chronicled via this blog, I really didn’t think I could be surprised any more.

Needless to say, I was very wrong.

Mind Over Matter is a heavy-duty genre-terrorising masterclass from a virtuosically talented multi-instrumentalist. Whatever you’re into, you’ll probably find it shoved mercilessly into Mind Over Matter at some point, not to mention delivered with immensely delicious style and idiosyncratic talent. This isn’t merely a collage of cool stuff – each section flows into the next almost seamlessly, and where there are sudden tangential shifts it’s obviously a consciously chosen act of creative decision-making. Overall, Mind Over Matter is just jaw-dropping, and almost as addictive as those drugs your parents and teachers always warned you to stay away from. Read more…

Posted on 20 June 2014

Morning Bound – ‘Morning Bound’ [Review]

morning boundI’m really happy to see that prog-pop is slowly becoming A Thing. Dirty Loops, Eyal Amir, Project RnL, Maxi Curnow, Signals, and many others have a real knack for melding beautiful songwriting with unorthodox arrangements and stellar musicianship to create a fresh and exciting new sound crammed with so much potential for variation that it makes the stuck-solid formulae still relied on for pop chart success seem exhausted and thickly cobwebbed by comparison. Read more…

Posted on 15 June 2014

Give It Away – Or Just Give Up? [Music Business Advice]

Free Music.

Having read those words, your brain is most likely already overflowing with thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Free music is, to say the least, a controversial topic that raises all kinds of questions, such as these: Read more…

Posted on 31 May 2014

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