Helmet – ‘Dead To The World’ [Review]

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There are bands who play by the rules.

There are bands who push the boundaries.

And then there’s Helmet.

If you’re a fan of unorthodox rock and mind-bending metal, Helmet will undoubtedly be found somewhere in your favourite band’s family tree of influences. From globe-straddling titans like Nine Inch Nails to kings of the UK underground such as Reuben, Helmet’s influence is in there somewhere. Even now, Helmet define the alternative Read more…

Posted on 28 October 2016

The Jelly Jam – ‘Profit’ [Review]

The Jelly Jam Profit Album Review 2016 Torrent Stream Download Ty Tabor King's X John Myung Dream Theater Rod Morgenstein The Dixie Dregs Winger Shall We Descend

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It’s often said that money is the root of all evil.

Looking around at the world, it can be hard to argue otherwise. Numbers dominate and define our lives, limits, sometimes even our loves. With Profit, The Jelly Jam go straight for the corporate world’s jugular – and throughout this album’s twelve-song track listing, the Western world’s unquenchable craving for cold hard cash is examined from a variety of creative and thoughtful angles.

Given The Jelly Jam’s lineup – guitarist/vocalist Ty Tabor (King’s X), John Myung (Dream Theater), and drummer Rod Morgenstein (The Dixie Dregs, Winger) – it goes without saying that as far as musicianship goes, these guys have Read more…

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Posted on 11 May 2016

The Hyena Kill – ‘Atomised’ [Review]

The Hyena Kill Atomised Album Review 2016

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Let’s get the lazy comparison part of this review out of the way first. To my ears, on Atomised The Hyena Kill often sound like the next Royal Blood.

But, at the same time, that tag alone doesn’t do them justice.

The Hyena Kill – comprised of guitarist/vocalist Steven Dobb and pneumatic-limbed drummer Lorna Blundell – deal in hectic, raw, vitally energetic and punk-edged rock songs. Atomised sounds monolithic, a feral and Read more…

Posted on 13 April 2016

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 [Festival Preview]

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 2015 2014 Preview SikTh Sonic Boom Six Press To MECO Blood Youth Dorje The Hyena Kill Grumble Bee The Algorithm InMe Zebrahead 2015 2014 2013 London Rock Metal Punk Alt Alternative Ska Punk Dub Reggae The Hell Comedy Instrumental Prog Progressive Young Guns The Cribs

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If you’re a UK-based rock, metal, and/or punk fan, you need to be at Camden Rocks Festival this year. The lineup is fucking ear-watering, totalling 200 bands performing live and in your face over the course of one single day and multiple London venues.

At the time of writing, 80 bands still have yet to be announced – but of those we do know about, here are seven of my personal favourites:


Sikth Live Crowd Shot Camden Rocks Festival 2016 Opacities

As any self-respecting tech-metal fan knows, SikTh are absolutely sick. Returning to shatter minds after an extended split via a series of rapturously received reunion shows and last December’s awe-inspiring Opacities, SikTh are continuing to Read more…

Posted on 09 April 2016

Max Raptor / Allusondrugs / Press To MECO [Live Review – The Borderline, London, 9/3/2016]

Press To MECO Allusondrugs Max Raptor Borderline Live Gig Show Concert Review Poster

There are few pleasures in life like watching a trio of tour-tightened bands tear a legendary venue apart.

Press To MECO (95%), fresh off the back of dropping a straight up stunning debut album named Good Intent, are on the up – and good on them. They absolutely deserve it. Breaking into Family Ties in front of an already-rammed Borderline after a quick bunch of fist-bumps, Press To MECO wasted zero time before nailing chunky riffs and beautiful harmonies.

No warmup song needed. That is the mark of a band who Read more…

Posted on 10 March 2016

Therapy? – ‘Tides EP’ [Review]

Therapy - 'Tides EP' (Review)

Over the course of the past 26 years, Therapy? have been renowned for diving deep into the darkest recesses of the human mind, and returning with musical treasures aplenty.

2015’s Disquiet – listed as one of TMMP’s albums of the year – was a hard-rocking winner, crammed with Read more…

Posted on 23 February 2016

Milk Teeth – ‘Vile Child’ [Review]

Milk Teeth - Vile Child

We’re all familiar with the feeling of being on the edge of falling apart. Struggling to get by, yet somehow keeping it together.

Milk Teeth’s music is the sonic embodiment of that state of mind.

Vile Child is a fucking challenging album. Imagine a mega-jam involving pretty much every even remotely grunge-related band from the ’90s, the chaos controlled only by an insistence that the results groove as hard as Read more…

Posted on 26 January 2016

Dinosaur Pile-Up – ‘Eleven Eleven’ [Review]

Dinosaur Pile Up

If you’re the sort of person for whom massive riffs are more essential than basic nutrients, Dinosaur Pile-Up will provide way more than your five a day.

On top of those ass-kicking slabs of guitaristic catharsis (the best of which come into play during opener 11 11 and later cuts Anxiety TripBad Penny, and Willow Tree) lie no-bullshit lyrics targeting toxic relationships and mental health issues. Eleven Eleven is the kind of album that can be listened to from two main perspectives: Read more…

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Posted on 06 October 2015

2000 Trees 2015 [Festival Review]

2000 Trees

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Few things in life feel as good as immersing yourself in something you love. Diving deep into awesomeness, allowing the world’s worries to slip away, replacing baggage with better things. Escaping.

Of all the modern world’s escape hatches, music remains one of the most enigmatic and rewarding options. However, everyday life offers few opportunities for extended periods of musical immersion. You can walk down the street under headphones, spend a lazy Sunday in the company of your sound system with the curtains drawn, or spend an evening at a top-class venue taking in a few bands – but for many music fanatics, such experiences still don’t go deep enough.

2000 Trees certainly does. Situated on an out-of-the-way Gloucestershire farm in a 3G-free dead zone, the Trees site is an ideal location for digital disconnection, and reconnection with simpler things. The feeling of sun on your face, wind on your skin, and pure live music vibrating every cell in your body.

Arcane Roots’ (95%) set was the perfect reward for an Read more…

Posted on 15 July 2015

Allusondrugs [Interview]


Surreally-orientated grunge-rock upstarts Allusondrugs are more than a controversial name. They’re also an immense live act, and they’re set to hit 2000 Trees 2015 with all they’ve got. With that in mind, TMMP talked to AUOD guitarist/vocalist Damian Hughes about live shows, food-lack-induced death, vomit, and purple fire…

You’re set to play 2000 Trees – what’s the best part of the festival experience for you?

If catering at the festival is good then it’s usually that. Food is king. All five of us are addicted to food. If we don’t eat food then we get irritable and cranky, we get unwell, and start to die.

What’s the most mental thing that’s ever happened during an Allusondrugs set?

Jason vomited all over himself during our set at Download this year. He was really shaky because he met Iron Maiden’s bass player about ten minutes before we went on. I’ve never seen him shit himself as much as Read more…

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Posted on 01 July 2015

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