Godzilla vs. Kong 1st Official NFT Collection Landing Page, Above the Fold Section

Hi! I’m Leon, and welcome to my portfolio! Below you’ll find some of my favourite examples of my work as a content manager, senior copywriter, editor, social media manager, and creative/marketing consultant, with a particular focus on my full-time role at Virtua – a sustainable gaming metaverse platform with an integrated NFT marketplace.

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Godzilla vs. Kong Legacy NFT Collection Landing Page

As a huge Godzilla fan, working on two official “GvK” NFT collections was a lot of fun! This content management, copywriting, and editing project included a range of C-level executives, visual and web designers, coders, product managers, financial and legal advisers, and marketing specialists – and everything had to be on-brand not only for Virtua, but also for Legendary (the movie studio behind Godzilla vs. Kong, who were also extensively involved in this project).

The screenshots below cover the landing page for the “Godzilla vs. Kong Legacy Collection”, while the screenshot at the top of this portfolio page shows the above-the-fold section of the landing page for Virtua’s first Godzilla vs. Kong NFT collection (which also included customised NFT posters, and 3D models of key GvK monsters and vehicles that can be viewed in augmented reality (AR) through Virtua’s smartphone app).

Kevin Hart Metaverse & NFT Experience Landing Page

Kevin Hart is one of the world’s most famous comedians, with a long list of TV and movie credits including Jumanji, Get Hard, and Central Intelligence. For his first foray into the world of Web3, Kevin teamed up with Virtua to create a metaverse screening room and NFT collection designed to showcase his brand-new animated series, Confessions From the Hart.

For this landing page and related marketing content, the Virtua team and I considered Kevin Hart’s target audience and the very off-the-wall nature of his humour and personality. We then worked to balance Kevin’s brand with Virtua’s more measured tone of voice, ensuring that the end result reflected Virtua’s position as an authoritative tech industry pioneer and thought leader, while also looking cool and engaging – something befitting a superstar entertainer.

Virtua Main Website Homepage

When I first joined Virtua, the company was in the process of building a completely new website from scratch – so I had a lot of fun getting stuck into the huge range of content and copy options that our developers and designers made possible.

As a gaming metaverse platform with an integrated NFT marketplace and smartphone app – not to mention a constantly innovative pioneer in Web3 and blockchain tech – Virtua’s core proposition needed to stand out in a simple and clear way. Therefore, we made sure that this homepage gently eased users into the world of Virtua, helped them identify and access the aspects of the company’s ecosystem that most immediately grabbed their interest, and showed off some of the coolest visual content we had available at the time.

Virtua Ecosystem Video Trailers and Ads

As the concept of “the metaverse” continued to evolve and expand, the Virtua team and I constantly sought out ways to visually demonstrate as many aspects of our ecosystem as possible. Thanks to our amazing in-house design studio, we were able to turn a notoriously intimidating and confusing concept into fun, informative, and emotionally engaging trailers and ads. The positive response to these videos and related social/cross-channel ad campaigns blew us all away, as many new users and community members expressed their excitement while signing up to Virtua’s metaverse/NFT platform, as well as the company’s social channels and six-figure mailing list.

Virtua Social Media Posts

As well as managing Virtua’s copy and content, I also spent a lot of time managing the company’s social media channels (primarily Twitter and YouTube). Social posts (thousands in total) were individually created in close collaboration with numerous Virtua managers and executives (to ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy in a constantly changing marketing and development schedule), and covered everything from new product launches and demos to special events, podcasts, ads, executive speaking and media engagements, competitions, and partnership announcements. I also ran Virtua’s social channels during the company’s full-scale rebrand from “Terra Virtua” to “Virtua” (while also managing the rebrand from a content management POV), as well as providing collaborative live-event coverage throughout multiple Grand Prix races with the Williams Racing F1 team.

Due to the number of post examples, I’ve arranged a small selection of screenshots in a slideshow format below, with controls to skip to the next slide or pause the carousel at any time.

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Stephen Colbert Charity NFT Landing Page

For this special collaboration between Virtua and Stephen Colbert (host of The Late Show), I had to pay close attention to the structure and wording of this landing page’s content and copy. Colbert’s decision to launch an NFT following some on-air monologues satirising blockchain tech was naturally going to be controversial, so I made sure that this page focused primarily on the charity angle, while also reassuring readers that they wouldn’t need to have any in-depth technical knowledge in order to acquire their own Stephen Colbert NFT.

Virtua App and iOS App Store Content

Working on Virtua’s smartphone app was great fun and a real challenge, due to Apple’s extremely stringent (and constantly changing) guidelines around Web3 and NFT-related apps. While a large cross-disciplinary team and I worked through many iterations of the app’s content, copy, structure and design, Virtua was also forced to embark on a full company-wide rebrand (more on this below). Despite every aspect of the project existing in a constant state of uncertainty, we were able to eventually roll the app out to a fantastic response from the company’s audience, user base, and brand partners.

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Virtua Prime and Cardano Island Metaverse Land Sale Webpages

Virtua’s core proposition – its gaming metaverse platform – is being rolled out very gradually, with marketing campaigns and NFT land and asset sales taking place far ahead of their launch dates. This arrangement created a considerable challenge, as Virtua needed to essentially sell the speculative promise of future NFT asset ownership in a metaverse that would only be rolled out over time, not “launched” in a final and completed form on one specific day.

In the case of Virtua’s first metaverse environment, Cardano Island (dedicated entirely to the Cardano blockchain and its user community), very few prospective buyers had heard of Virtua before, as Virtua had up to that point only minted (created) its NFTs on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains. To add to the challenge, 2022 was one of the worst years ever for the crypto industry, as many key companies and projects collapsed amid a notoriously unforgiving bear market, negatively affecting the value of every cryptocurrency (including Cardano’s own $ADA).

Nonetheless, by applying a mix of traditional Web2 and community-focused Web3 marketing techniques, Virtua won over the Cardano community and achieved almost total market penetration within its NFT market. A second metaverse environment, Virtua Island, soon followed on the Polygon/Ethereum blockchains – including two successfully sold metaverse “Gigaplots” priced at $50,000 each.

Along the way, Virtua’s six-figure social audience grew by 25-30%, while paying users increased by 1000%, Discord users increased by 500%, and total revenue generated exceeded $10m in just a few months – all within one of the most difficult years in the history of the NFT, blockchain, and crypto industry.

Virtua “About” Page Copy

Originally located on Virtua’s blog, this company overview was written with busy potential investors and brand partners in mind. Virtua’s investor- and partner-focused B2B marketing assets (internal whitepapers, litepapers, pitch decks, etc) attracted the interest of many big-name investors, as well as globally famous mainstream brand partners who sought Virtua’s assistance as they prepared to transition from the traditional Web2 world into Web3 and the metaverse.

Virtua 2022/2023 Roadmap Article (Long-Form)

Created in one-to-one collaboration with Virtua’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jawad Ashraf, this comprehensive company roadmap article turned over four hours of extremely technical conversation into short bursts of information that summarised Virtua’s entire 2022 and 2023 gameplan. Covering everything from metaverse infrastructure to UIs, mobile app tech, blockchain and NFT innovations, virtual worlds and avatars, cryptocurrency, virtual interfaces and devices (including VR and AR), Web3 gaming, APIs, development/coding practices and more, this piece is a real tour de force that Virtua’s community, investors, and brand partners all really loved.

To help with scrollability, this piece has been divided into many separate screenshots. Simply click on any part that you’d like to read to expand it.

As this is an extremely long piece, feel free to search this portfolio page for “Virtua Rebrand Announcement Email” in order to skip to the next section and continue scrolling through more work examples!


Virtua Rebrand Announcement Email

In May/June 2022, Virtua rolled out a complete company-wide rebrand that changed its name from “Terra Virtua” to simply “Virtua”. This rebrand was completed at high speed through a period of intense cross-disciplinary work, as it directly followed the collapse of the (very much unrelated!) Terra stablecoin and Luna cryptocurrency – both of which were created by Terraform Labs, a company with no connection to Virtua. The fallout from Terra’s collapse quickly crashed the cryptocurrency market, leaving Terra Virtua with no choice but to pursue an urgent rebrand as its users, investors, and the wider industry mistakenly assumed a connection between Terra Virtua and Terraform Labs.

Given the understandable sensitivity surrounding any mention of the word “Terra” within the blockchain and crypto industries, Virtua’s rebrand took place with relatively little fanfare. In doing so, the Virtua team collectively turned a potentially fatal crisis into a footnote in the company’s otherwise prestigious history.

As part of my Content Manager role at Virtua, I also ran the company’s email and CRM data management processes using MailChimp.

Thunderbirds NFT Art Auction Email

Having watched the Thunderbirds TV series throughout my childhood, this NFT auction project offered an amazing chance to help bring an all-time classic brand into the Web3 space. To help emphasise the nostalgia that gives the Thunderbirds brand so much of its appeal, each NFT artist provided a small blurb explaining their own unique perspectives on the show and their respective artworks, which I then edited in a collaborative process to ensure that each artist’s personal tone of voice remained authentically present in the copy.

Virtua News Blog Post (June 2022)

At the end of each month, Virtua’s Head of PR and I agreed upon a collection of company and industry news topics to cover in a special blog and email newsletter. Virtua’s CEO and Co-Founder, Jawad Ashraf, also provided his own short introduction to each piece, which I then edited and tweaked as needed.

As you’re probably used to by now, simply click any part that you’d like to read to view an expanded version of that section!

Jesse Lingard VFLECT NFT Marketplace Page (Sports and eCommerce)

Released after the announcement of Virtua’s partnership with the England and Premier League superstar footballer Jesse Lingard, this fun promotional 3DA (3D animated) NFT model required some appropriately high-energy and high-impact copy to capture the attention of football fans around the world.

Tim Cantor NFT Marketplace Pages (Art and eCommerce)

As one of the American art world’s most gifted prodigies (with a wide range of celebrity collectors, and a piece that became part of the White House’s private collection when he was just 15), Tim Cantor was a fantastic creative partner for Virtua. Working alongside Tim and the Virtua Art Team, I guided the content management process for this NFT collection while ensuring that the associated messaging and point-of-sale copy fit the nuanced, deep, and richly detailed nature of Tim Cantor’s masterworks.

Virtua Prestige VIP Program Webpage

Throughout Virtua’s rebranding and metaverse launch process, the company’s VIP program remained a core focal point. Given how complex cryptocurrency staking processes can be, this page had to simplify essential information as much as possible, and linked to external blog posts where necessary.

Virtua Prestige members also received dedicated VIP updates (following the same basic format as the monthly news post example above) through Virtua’s blog and Medium page, as well as targeted email newsletters, special offers, and more.

Pacific Rim Legacy NFT Collection (Targeted Email)

This specially targeted email was sent via MailChimp to Virtua users who had already purchased a Pacific Rim NFT from an earlier collection, and notified them about the then-upcoming Pacific Rim Legacy NFT Collection. Further details about that (extremely awesome) collection can be found in the landing page example in the next section.

Pacific Rim Legacy NFT Collection (Website Landing Page & OpenSea eCommerce Page)

Few things are as entertaining as giant fighting robots, and this free-to-mint collection of 3D animated Jaegers and Kaiju from the epic Pacific Rim movies was one of Virtua’s most successful releases ever. We launched a dedicated Twitter page especially for this collection, and its audience quickly grew to over 50,000 followers within a matter of days. The collection itself completely sold out, and many happy Virtua users received their Pacific Rim NFT models when they dropped on Christmas Day 2022.

Shelby American NFT Collection Landing Page

This was a really interesting landing page project, as it combined Shelby American’s first-ever NFT – a 3D model of one of their all-time classic cars – with Virtua’s Cardano Island metaverse promotional campaign and a special panel event at cNFTcon in Las Vegas, featuring executives from Virtua and Shelby alongside Charles Hoskinson of Cardano/IOG. The entire Virtua marketing team (working remotely across multiple time zones) were standing by throughout the event, making sure that the landing page launch, NFT drop, time-limited promotional offer, press releases, social media posts, community management, and the live event itself were perfectly coordinated – and it all went off without a hitch.

Virtua Gitbook Front Page Content

Virtua’s Gitbook project (referred to more generally as the “Virtua Wiki”) is a constantly evolving and comprehensive document, contains a wide range of technical and non-technical information about the Virtua ecosystem, and has been maintained and continuously updated by Virtua’s Product and Development teams. I was involved in the project’s initial stages, providing content management guidance, helping to structure the Gitbook’s earliest iterations, and writing and editing much of the initial copy (including the front page content in the screenshots below). However, due to my workload – the work examples in this portfolio barely scratch the surface of my daily activities at Virtua – I then handed full control of the Gitbook to the departments, managers, and executives who were best positioned to update it accurately, and remained on call to provide advice, guidance, and assistance as required.

ICMP Masterclasses Webpage

The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP) is the UK’s longest-running degree-awarding contemporary music school, with a long list of notable alumni such as Ed O’Brien (Radiohead), Luke Patterson (Clean Bandit), and social media superstars Rob Chapman, Justin Sandercoe, and Jon Gomm.

ICMP’s programme of masterclasses, clinics, and guest lectures is a core part of the overall student experience. High-profile names from across the music business visit ICMP on a regular basis to share their unique insights, and this webpage outlines the full scope of this exclusive offering. Each section required extensive research into each individual’s career, as well as collaborations with key ICMP staff to ensure that each guest’s contributions were presented accurately.

I also provided the text for the featured video included below, providing a list of words and sentences that ICMP’s videographer could cherry-pick from as required. As the brief specified quick cuts and a fast pace, I focused on short and punchy copy, including individual words. This gave the videographer plenty of creative freedom, and the ability to blend the text into engaging visuals using some cool special effects.

Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) Mini-Prospectus

On the first day I began working with the ACM (one of the UK’s most popular contemporary music schools), I was thrown in the deep end and loved every second. Working alongside the school’s executive director, marketing director, creative team, senior executives and faculty, I was immediately tasked with creating a mini-prospectus that summed up the school’s core values and selling points.

With three campuses across London, Birmingham, and Guildford, a comprehensive curriculum, and a partnership with the world-famous Metropolis Studios, the ACM provided a wealth of useful information that the team and I successfully distilled into this mini-prospectus.

Click the image below to open the full PDF.

ACM Course Promotion Brochures

The ACM is known for its innovative and award-winning approach to music education. Instead of one bulky full-scale prospectus, ACM’s owner and chairman requested a range of shorter course-focused brochures, with contributions from executives, staff, and senior faculty across ACM’s three campuses, as well as Metropolis Studios (where over 50% of the UK Top 40 is recorded, mixed, or mastered in an average year).

I was the project manager, editor, and copywriter across the entire project, coordinating dozens of contributors, editing and proofreading their contributions, and inserting my own original writing as required. I also provided advice and guidance with regard to brand representation, general writing skills, and each piece’s visual style, layout, and image choices. The examples below have been selected from a larger range of brochures.

I love working on highly impactful projects, and was incredibly happy to see that everyone involved felt that I had understood and accurately represented their authentic communication styles, as well as the ACM as a whole.

Clicking the images below will open each PDF.

ICMP Virtual Reality (VR) Campus Tour

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ICMP was unable to offer in-person campus tours – so the school’s executive and marketing teams created a full tour in virtual reality (VR). I created audio scripts describing important locations across the building, which were then inserted as audio recordings at relevant points within the virtual campus. I also wrote the body text for the campus tour webpage, and wrote completely updated descriptions of ICMP’s core curriculum from scratch.

Screenshots are included beneath the demonstration videos.

The first video demonstrates the “dollhouse view” of ICMP’s London campus. The blue and white buttons mark important locations around the building. Clicking or hovering over a button triggers a popup box containing an audio recording.

This video showcases the “quick tour” feature, including close-up views of some featured spaces and the trigger buttons:

The next three videos demonstrate examples of the trigger buttons in action.

Keep scrolling for screenshots of the full Virtual Open Day web page, and to move on to the next portfolio piece.

ICMP Campaign Email Demo (Copywriting / Art Direction)

When writing email copy for freelance clients, I usually submit Word documents that a member of the client’s in-house marketing team can copy and paste into a MailChimp project. Bearing that in mind, I’ve used some green-lit copy, written for an ICMP email campaign, to create my own version of this email in MailChimp from scratch, sourcing images from ICMP’s social media channels and (in some cases) turning them into collages using the popular photo editing app Fotor.

I did this not only as a quick project to demonstrate my proficiency with MailChimp, but also because MailChimp is a fun platform to use, and I’ve always enjoyed playing a part in the creative process beyond just writing and editing.

The copy from this email was one part of a larger campaign, designed to engage prospective ICMP students who had already been offered (but had not yet accepted) a place on an ICMP course. As with all of the screenshots presented in this portfolio, I’ve broken this email up into smaller chunks that can be enlarged by clicking on any section you’d like to see in more detail.

Email subject line: “Chat one-on-one with One Direction’s Musical Director!”

NQ (formerly Northern Quarterz), Website Screenshots

A full-service entertainment company based in Manchester, NQ represents Aitch (a British rapper with multiple chart hits, over 600 million YouTube views, and featured spots on tracks by Stormzy and Ed Sheeran), platinum-selling record producer Whyjay, and Zeph – a rapper-songwriter with more than 12 million YouTube views. NQ’s collaborative partners include Manchester United, Nike, North Face, Adidas, Electronic Arts (EA), Activision, Footasylum, Sony RCA, Sports Direct, Cyprus Break Festival, Warner Music, and Universal.

Working alongside a fantastic team at British marketing agency Impact Designs, I provided extensive advice and guidance with regard to NQ’s website, SEO strategy, and brand name, which we changed from the original “Northern Quarterz”. Having established themselves within the British music scene, NQ had set their sights on the global music market – so I made sure that the written content connected the North of England to the international music scene from the very first paragraph. Helping the company’s owner-executives move closer to their ultimate goal was an absolute pleasure.

CEO Biography: Michael Adex (NQ)

As part of my work with NQ, I interviewed Michael Adex for the biography below. Interviews have always been one of my favourite parts of my job, and this one went perfectly.

I was given complete freedom to mould the interview’s contents into the final text, and did so while retaining as many of Adex’s original words and phrases as possible. By making the process truly collaborative, I made sure that this biography represented Adex’s authentic voice – as well as his story, career, vision, and values.

Final Note

Thanks for taking the time to check out my portfolio!

If you’d like more information, have any questions, or would just like a chat, feel free to email me at info@leontk.com or drop me a message via LinkedIn. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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