Morning Bound – ‘Morning Bound’ [Review]

morning boundI’m really happy to see that prog-pop is slowly becoming A Thing. Dirty Loops, Eyal Amir, Project RnL, Maxi Curnow, Signals, and many others have a real knack for melding beautiful songwriting with unorthodox arrangements and stellar musicianship to create a fresh and exciting new sound crammed with so much potential for variation that it makes the stuck-solid formulae still relied on for pop chart success seem exhausted and thickly cobwebbed by comparison.

Morning Bound is about as far from normal as it’s possible to get without veering into heavily-effected psychedelic freakouts à la Thomas Truax. Laid-back and sneaky complexity is the order of the day here, along with the inimitable Tammy Scheffer’s uniquely nuanced vocal stylings and lyrics that evoke similar emotive qualities to classic birth-of-prog songs from the late sixties and early seventies. There’s even – dare I say it – a tiny hint of Disney joy in there too, though whether it’s actually present or a result of my having reviewed so much music that my brain is slowly burning out and regressing into early childhood is impossible for me to tell.

Either way, it can’t be argued that the musicianship on display here is top-class, Eyal Amir’s production is as fantastic as ever, and this song is a real breath of fresh air even to a mind constantly swimming through the shifting sands and turbulent tides of the underground music world.

If mornings actually sounded like this, I would happily be bound for – and then to – them at all times.

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Posted on 15 June 2014

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