Eschar – ‘Nova’ [Single Review]

eschar novaAs a long-time Eschar fan, I’ve been looking forward to hearing new music from said band since 2012, when their epic mini-album Elements first saw the light of day. Of course, I’m not alone – Eschar have made a real name for themselves amongst Surrey’s prog-metal diehards, thanks to Read more…

Posted on 09 March 2015

Tusks – ‘Ink EP’ [Review]

tusks ink epSometimes, an EP is so good that you can’t quite get your head around it. So Read more…

Posted on 17 January 2015

Skyharbor – ‘Guiding Lights’ [Review]

skyharbor guiding lights

From the big picture perspective down to the finest details, this album is a spectacular triumph. Skyharbor’s struggle to make their latest opus more than just a fanciful dream is finally over – and they’re evidently revelling in the results, as well they should. Read more…

Posted on 14 November 2014

Into Color – ‘White Lies’ [Review]

into color press 1What do you get if you cross Brandon Boyd’s lyricism, an idiosyncratic yet familiarly contemporary male pop vocal, a touch of Biffy Clyro’s more commercially-oriented song structures, and a little Jon Gomm-esque acoustic work? Well…this. Into Color manage to take so many disparate parts and fuse them into something appealing in a pop sense, yet sufficiently inventive to attract the praise of the most hard-bitten muso. Once again, they deserve massive respect for another solid step in the right – and a fresh and exciting – new direction. Read more…

Posted on 30 October 2014

CHON – ‘Woohoo!’ [Review]

chon woohooThis EP is aptly titled. If you’re feeling starved of intense and immense prog-fusion brilliance, then you should do two things: Read more TMMP, and check out CHON. They’ll seduce you effortlessly with opening acoustic-centric track Super Potion, and leave you wondering what the fuck just happened by the time Knot is finished. Not bad for just two tunes. Read more…

Posted on 10 October 2014

Emilio Largo – ‘Control’ [Review]

emilio largoWhen it comes to math-rock, ‘control’ is a key word. When odd time signatures, super-syncopated riffs, and all manner of other rhythmic tricks come into play, the results inevitably become difficult to suss out. In other words, the music feels unpredictable. Hyperactively labyrinthine. Out of control. Read more…

Posted on 05 October 2014

Chronographs – ‘The Tallest Peak’ [Review]

chronographs augustHaunted guitars, rhythms on the edge of giving up the ghost, and lyrical themes of abandonment and loss permeate the latest offering from TMMP favourites Chronographs. The Tallest Peak is yet another track in an increasingly long line of speedily yet masterfully written songs that demands your full  attention before rewarding your patience with a rare level of generosity. I’m really looking forward to seeing Chronographs’ hard work paying off in spades within the not too distant future. Read more…

Posted on 06 September 2014

Nathan Detroit – ‘Peace Of Mind’ [Review]

nathan detroitOld-school vibes with extra nostalgia and a contemporary twist? Sounds like the perfect end-of-summer soundtrack to me. Uni was a long time ago, but Peace Of Mind takes me straight back to all the best bits. Read more…

Posted on 15 August 2014

Give It Away – Or Just Give Up? [Music Business Advice]

Free Music.

Having read those words, your brain is most likely already overflowing with thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Free music is, to say the least, a controversial topic that raises all kinds of questions, such as these: Read more…

Posted on 31 May 2014

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