Into Color – ‘White Lies’ [Review]

into color press 1What do you get if you cross Brandon Boyd’s lyricism, an idiosyncratic yet familiarly contemporary male pop vocal, a touch of Biffy Clyro’s more commercially-oriented song structures, and a little Jon Gomm-esque acoustic work? Well…this. Into Color manage to take so many disparate parts and fuse them into something appealing in a pop sense, yet sufficiently inventive to attract the praise of the most hard-bitten muso. Once again, they deserve massive respect for another solid step in the right – and a fresh and exciting – new direction. Read more…

Posted on 30 October 2014

Sons Of The Sea – ‘Sons Of The Sea’ [Review]

sons-of-the-sea-album-cover-2Incubus are a rare breed. Whether we’re talking about their seven studio albums or each individual member’s own solo projects (my favourite of which has to be Time Lapse Consortium, an Einziger / Pasillas / Kenney collaboration), that band has never recorded a note I didn’t love.

Until recently, Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd has remained relatively quiet on the solo project front, preferring instead to focus upon a wide range of visual and literary art projects. The release of his debut solo album The Wild Trapeze, intended to slake his creative lust during an extended Incubus hiatus, changed all that. Now, Boyd returns with If Not Now, When? producer Brendan O’Brien and a brand new album created in collaboration with said legendary hitmaker. Read more…

Posted on 12 April 2014

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