BEAR – ‘///’ (Album Review)

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Belgian math-metallers BEAR have made a name for themselves as Europe’s answer to The Dillinger Escape Plan.

With Dillinger set to split before the end of the year, the race is on to crown the new kings of mathcore. BEAR have already proven themselves as worthy contenders, and /// carves that fact in stone.

BEAR’s list of influences runs longer than just one band Read more…

Posted on 18 March 2017

No Consequence – ‘Speechless’ [Review]

No Consequence

No Consequence have made a name for themselves on the back of fragmented metalcore melodies and twisted tech riffs – and Speechless marks their ascension to a new evolutionary level.

Drawing influence from the likes of Read more…

Posted on 30 April 2015

Heights – ‘Phantasia On The High Processions Of Sun, Moon And Countless Stars Above’ [Review]

heights phantasiaAccording to the press info which accompanied this album’s descent into the depths of TMMP’s black hole-like inbox, this album’s title is “…longer than one of Kim Kardashian’s marriages.” No argument there. As for the music itself, Heights’ latest opus comes close to equalling anything Kardashian-related in terms of sheer drama and excess, while simultaneously being infinitely more interesting.

Heights’ facility with prog rock’s core components (odd time signatures, stacked-like-Jenga-blocks polyrhythms, none-more-syncopated riffs and melodies, the delicate balance of flamboyance and deeper meaning, etc) has been well documented over the course of previous releases Salvation and TrepidationFrom Sea to Sky, and Trick of the Light. Throw in Read more…

Posted on 29 March 2015

Murdock – ‘Dead Lung’ [Review]

AlbumcoverIf it takes 3o years for a genre to be considered “Classic,” then mathcore is more than halfway to grey-hair territory. Considering that Calculating Infinity has been around for 16 years – and mathcore itself can be traced back through Deftones-style alt-metal, seventies prog and fusion bands, odd-meter-loving jazz maestros, and…well…heroin – it’s amazing that Read more…

Posted on 19 March 2015

Skyharbor – ‘Guiding Lights’ [Review]

skyharbor guiding lights

From the big picture perspective down to the finest details, this album is a spectacular triumph. Skyharbor’s struggle to make their latest opus more than just a fanciful dream is finally over – and they’re evidently revelling in the results, as well they should. Read more…

Posted on 14 November 2014

The Algorithm – ‘Terminal’ [Review]

Screen shot 2014-10-02 at 15.32.24Weaponised bleeps and bloops. Gritty and filthy bass layers. Haunting synthetic melodicism. The kind of music that would haunt your dreams if you spent at least six hours playing retro arcade games and eating cheese before going to bed. A sense that you don’t really know what the fuck is going on, but you’re happy to stick around until you figure it out. Read more…

Posted on 02 October 2014

BEAR – ‘Mantiis’ [Review]

bear mantiisBEAR know how to fucking rock. Tighter than a gimp suit that’s been left in the wash and as dense as a black hole’s singularity, on Mantiis Belgium’s loud-and-clear answer to the Dillinger Escape Plan take on desire, exploitation, and self-centredness via much brutal riffing and a no-nonsense video. Not for the faint of heart, but an undeniable blinder for the rest of us. Read more…

Posted on 26 September 2014

Intervals – ‘A Voice Within’ [Review]

intervals a voice withinA note-one winner. Melodic tech-metal with elements of Periphery-influenced djent and (on opener Ephemeral) a fantastic Tom Morello stutter-guitar moment kept me set on staying put for this LP’s full running time. I do not regret that decision. Read more…

Posted on 26 August 2014

The Algorithm – ‘OCTOPUS4’ [Review]

the algorithm octopus 4“Nothing’s new in music anymore!”

“It all sounds the same these days…”

“Everything good was done decades ago. New music just sucks.”

These quotes (and more) are all common music-fan complaints. But anyone who’s ever said such things has never heard of The Algorithm. Read more…

Posted on 04 June 2014

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