Massmatiks / Beasts / Faux [Live Review – The Star, Guildford, 17/11/14]

massmatiks tourIn Guildford, Monday night is student night – and normally, it’s not pretty. Last night, though, the streets were almost deserted, the freezing air probably prompting the town’s partygoers to settle for a night in front of the fire instead. Those in the know, however, headed Star-ward to check out one of the local scene’s favourite live acts, and give a chance to whoever might be supporting them. Read more…

Posted on 18 November 2014

Anika Nilles – ‘Chary Life’ [Review]

anika nillesSince I reviewed Marco Minnemann’s latest album EEPS, I’ve become more and more intrigued by the world of drumming and rhythm. Lush harmonies, hooky melodies, and touching lyricism are all great things – but a great groove makes you want to move, and gets your body as well as your mind engaged. Traditional songwriting usually appeals to the intellect, but it’s rhythm that really connects with the heart – aka the body’s rhythmic centre. Read more…

Posted on 17 August 2014

Faux – ‘Backbone’ [Review]

fauxDrummers get an unfair amount of stick. Even the most talented skin-beaters can only dream of escaping the stream of endless drummer jokes, such as:

Q: How do you know when a drummer’s at your door?

A: The knocking speeds up.

Q: What’s the last thing a drummer says before getting fired?

A: “Hey guys – why don’t we try one of my songs?”

Q: What do you say to a drummer in a suit?

A: “Will the defendant please rise?” Read more…

Posted on 17 August 2014

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