Massmatiks / Beasts / Faux [Live Review – The Star, Guildford, 17/11/14]

massmatiks tourIn Guildford, Monday night is student night – and normally, it’s not pretty. Last night, though, the streets were almost deserted, the freezing air probably prompting the town’s partygoers to settle for a night in front of the fire instead. Those in the know, however, headed Star-ward to check out one of the local scene’s favourite live acts, and give a chance to whoever might be supporting them.

Faux soldiered through a set strewn with technical issues and marred by a muddy sound almost as impenetrable as the fog I encountered on the drive home. With louder drums, things improved – and by their third song Faux had hit their stride, punching through each alt-rock tune with the first signs of serious confidence. They still have some work to do, but things are looking promising for these guys.

I’m going to defer judgment on Beasts until I see them play a set where the sound isn’t as bad as it was this time out. Where Faux struggled but somehow pulled through, Beasts were overwhelmed by bass feedback and other issues to the point that I could only just make out some intriguing Queens Of The Stone Age-like ideas under it all. Sometimes things just happen that way, but there’s always another night.

I first heard about Massmatiks through a well-to-do newspaper review panning them, with the reviewer claiming that Massmatiks made him glad to be old. Well, I don’t have dementia – and I fucking loved them. The sound-fog continued throughout Massmatiks’ set, but the sheer strength of their energy ensured that that didn’t matter. Massmatiks sit somewhere between the Arctic Monkeys and Rage Against The Machine, fusing hyperactive energy with spiky and accessible songs speaking out against Surrey society’s dumbest denizens, from belligerent bouncers to creepy club predators. Although I caught Massmatiks on an off-night, they were still incredible; with any luck the rest of their tour should see them hit some serious highs.


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Posted on 18 November 2014

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