Anika Nilles – ‘Chary Life’ [Review]

anika nillesSince I reviewed Marco Minnemann’s latest album EEPS, I’ve become more and more intrigued by the world of drumming and rhythm. Lush harmonies, hooky melodies, and touching lyricism are all great things – but a great groove makes you want to move, and gets your body as well as your mind engaged. Traditional songwriting usually appeals to the intellect, but it’s rhythm that really connects with the heart – aka the body’s rhythmic centre.

As well as Marco Minnemann, I’ve come across some incredible up-and-coming drummers via TMMP. From Faux’s drum don James Cross to Princess Slayer’s Vince Welch, BEAR’s Serch Carriere and über-hench Dorje groovemeister Ben Minal (whose massively infectious enthusiasm led to this review happening in the first place), there are some awesome skin-beating talents on the rise right now. Anika Nilles is another name to add to that prestigious list.

Anika Nilles walks the tightrope between tastefulness and overplaying with confidence, immense precision, and obvious joy and passion. Chary Life isn’t just a great tune or a drumming showcase – it’s an exceptional and outstanding masterclass put on by a genuinely masterful musician. This is how instrumental music should be done. Massive, massive rounds of applause are deserved here.

Thanks to Ben Minal for the heads-up about this track / video.

Links / Video

Anika Nilles official website.

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Posted on 17 August 2014

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