Camden Rocks Festival 2016 [Festival Review]

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 2015 2014 Preview Review SikTh Sonic Boom Six Press To MECO Blood Youth Dorje The Hyena Kill Grumble Bee The Algorithm InMe Zebrahead London Rock Metal Punk Alt Alternative Ska Punk Dub Reggae The Hell Comedy Instrumental Prog Progressive Young Guns The Cribs Billy Bragg Carl Barat & The Jackals Ginger WIldheart Black Spiders Glen Matlock The Sex Pistols Norma Jean Reckless Love The Godfathers Yuck Evil Scarecrow New Years Day The Virginmarys The Qemists Warrior Soul Jim Jones And the Righteous Mind Creeper Yashin Gun The Graveltones Queen Kwong Room 94 Penetration CC Smugglers Tellison Heck MOSES Forever Never As Lions The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Johnny Foreigner The Dirty Youth Shvpes Black Foxxes Zoax Palm Reader Freeze The Atlantic Asylums The Main Grains The Lounge Kittens The Carnabys Deadcuts Youth Club Continents Shields Fathoms Vukovi Wars Scholars Ashestoangels Brawlers Goldray Reigning Days London SS The Amorettes Amaryllis Fizzy Blood Yonaka Cold In Berlin Making Monsters Samoans The Ramona Flowers Wearing Scars The St Pierre Snake Invasion Avagrace Francobollo We Were Giant Bare Knuckle Parade Flight Brigade Vodun Colt 45 The Bulletproof Bomb The Peckham Cowboys Victoria Saint Leonard's Horses Buck & Evans Dirty Thrills Create To Inspire The Pearl Harts Anita Chellamah Band The Cherry Bombz Symmetry Sky Valley Mistress October Drift Witterquick Joanovarc Longy The Tuts Lock Apeman Spaceman Kenneths Death Koolaid Blurred Vision Counting Days The Ghost Riders In The Sky L'Anima Roxanne De Bastion Jpnsgirls Franko Fraize Chapter And Verse The Derellas Deperate Measures Party Blinders Them&US Electric Child House Faers Sex S.E.X. Black Casino And The Ghost The RPMs Staring Out The Sun Reverted Hands Off Gretel Bad Sign Chasing Cadence Stoneghost Thunder On The Left Oxygen Thief Role Models This Be The Verse Mercutio Critics Lost Gravity The Fallen State Sisteray Cope Starsha Lee Damn Dice Coquin Migale Chinese Missy False Heads Nine Miles South Drones Naked Six Brightlight City Duchess The Dirty Mojos Young Natives Millie Manders The King's Parade The Crooked Kings Jolanga Piano Wire Louise Distras Leisure Tank Sean Grant And The wolfgang Suzie Stapleton Oh Boy Nova Twins Cub Sport Pretend Happy Youht Killed It Heel As December Falls 48Hours My Deadly Secret Leika Odd Rival Barcreeps Hoodoo Daze Blackwaters The Scruff Club Falling Knives Devience The Kut Zoe West And The Hanging Baskets Novellas Five By Five Florence Black Rumble Fish Dana Immanuel And The Stolen Band Mystified Matty James Adam nDouble We Are Animals Emily Lee The Step The Delta Slow Sons One Man Boycott Guise Harlots Callow Saints Suburban Symphony Black Rose Cadillac Cameron Sanderson Surge Nash Albert IV Shea Vivien Glass Gabriella Jones Adam K The Sovereign Raleigh Rye Alive With Eyes Meredith Baker Sarah De Warren Live Album News Updates Tickets Website YouTube Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Song Video

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Camden High Street is a busy place at the best of times. Bargain hunters crowd its world-famous market; tourists take selfies in front of outlandish shopfronts; alternative fashionistas strut around in their latest cutting-edge purchases.

Add in Camden Rocks, a twenty-venue, two-hundred-band music festival stretching from the vicinity of the Roundhouse down to Mornington Crescent, and you’re talking the coolest kind of chaos imaginable Read more…

Posted on 06 June 2016

Sonic Boom Six – ‘The F-Bomb’ [Review]

Sonic Boom Six The F-Bomb No Man No Right Feminism Song Review Camden Rocks Festival 2016 From The Fire To the Frying Pan YouTube Video Single Stream Download Torrent Racism Racist Best Top Album Of The Year 2016 TMMP Barney Laila Khan Do What You Wanna Do Drop The Bass And Pick It Up Train Leaves Tomorrow LOVE Worship Yourself Joanna All The Same To Me Echoes In The Dark Interview Guitar Guitarist Vocalist Vocals Drummer Drums Bass Bassist Feature Album EP Single Review CD Concert Gig Tickets Tour Download Stream Live Show Torrent Music Musician Record Label News Update Facebook YouTube channel Twitter VEVO Spotify iTunes Apple Music Band Logo Cover Art Bandcamp Soundcloud Release Date Digital Cover Art Artwork Split Why Did Break Up New Final Last Latest News Update


When most bombs drop, they cause widespread destruction and suffering.

The F-Bomb does the opposite.

Sonic Boom Six’s latest album is creative, liberating, and above all else supportive of those who continue to endure discrimination even in the year 2016. This is made clear from the off through the feminist-friendly No Man No Right and anti-racist tune From The Fire To The Frying Pan, the latter of which shows that while Sonic Boom Six don’t approve of Britain First and co., they still understand how even the most well-meaning people can get sucked into their orbit and seduced by extremist bullshit Read more…

Posted on 27 May 2016

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 [Festival Preview]

Camden Rocks Festival 2016 2015 2014 Preview SikTh Sonic Boom Six Press To MECO Blood Youth Dorje The Hyena Kill Grumble Bee The Algorithm InMe Zebrahead 2015 2014 2013 London Rock Metal Punk Alt Alternative Ska Punk Dub Reggae The Hell Comedy Instrumental Prog Progressive Young Guns The Cribs

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If you’re a UK-based rock, metal, and/or punk fan, you need to be at Camden Rocks Festival this year. The lineup is fucking ear-watering, totalling 200 bands performing live and in your face over the course of one single day and multiple London venues.

At the time of writing, 80 bands still have yet to be announced – but of those we do know about, here are seven of my personal favourites:


Sikth Live Crowd Shot Camden Rocks Festival 2016 Opacities

As any self-respecting tech-metal fan knows, SikTh are absolutely sick. Returning to shatter minds after an extended split via a series of rapturously received reunion shows and last December’s awe-inspiring Opacities, SikTh are continuing to Read more…

Posted on 09 April 2016

The TiPs – ‘Twists ‘N’ Turns’ [Review]

The TiPs - 'Twists 'N' Turns' (Review)

Play musical word association with the name “Düsseldorf,” and you’re likely to come up with either “Kraftwerk,” or perhaps “punk”. Reggae is unlikely to make the shortlist – but The TiPs are on a mission to change that.

Reggae has always possessed a keen sense of political and social awareness, and The TiPs keep that particular torch burning throughout Twists ‘N’ Turns. From immigration (Leaving Home) to Read more…

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Posted on 07 February 2016

TMMP’s Top Albums Of 2015 [Feature]

TMMP's Top Albums Of 2015

Joe Satriani

2015 has been a big year, soundtracked by a slew of spectacular albums. Picking an overall favourite was a pretty stressful task – and in the end, Jon Gomm’s gorgeous collection of live fan picks and what is, in my opinion, the definitive modern-day Joe Satriani album both had to go on top.

Deciding who would ultimately top the tree was made infinitely easier by putting them in alphabetical order by surname; if you put a gun to my head and demanded I choose between Jon Gomm and Joe Satriani in terms of quality, you’d just have to shoot me. They’re two sides of the same coin, Jon Gomm representing the acoustic world, Satriani the electric. Put together, these guys represent almost unparalleled guitaristic virtuosity.

In joint second place, you’ll find a whole host of alphabetised winners who would each be done a terrible injustice were they to be placed in a lower position. From legends with glittering careers spanning decades to stunning comeback albums and a fair few brand new names facing bright and hopeful futures, TMMP’s top albums of 2015 are all here.

Dive in – there’s a lot to get stuck into – and follow TMMP via Twitter for more from the world of world-class music in 2016!

1) Jon Gomm – Live In The Acoustic Asylum

1) Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova


2) Read more…

Posted on 05 December 2015

Lithium Dawn [Interview]

Lithium Dawn

Looking back on a big year for metal, Lithium Dawn’s brand new Tearing Back The Veil I: Ascension marks them out as genuine innovators. I’ve already ranted at length about it in this review – and here, Lithium Dawn discuss the story behind the new album, their plans for 2016, and more…

You’ve managed to spice up an epic prog-metal mix with some unique flavours of your own. So, I have to open with an old cliché: Who were your influences while you were writing your new album?

Well, [the] earliest influences that informed our sound were prog rock/metal bands like Porcupine Tree, Tool, Opeth, Meshuggah, and some of the newer bands like Tesseract and Periphery. Deftones and Korn were also a big influence early on.

Our founding members, Ondrej Tvarozek and Matt Benoit, actually met on Korn’s message board back in the early 2000s. As we were making this new album though, we embraced a lot more of our experimental influences: reggae, psy-dub, and other electronic music played a big part in that, particularly artists like Ott, Shpongle, Younger Brother, John Brown’s Body, Stick Figure, and many others.

Tearing Back The Veil I: Ascension is about to be let loose into the world. What thoughts and feelings are floating around the Lithium Dawn camp right now?

We’re all just excited to have people finally Read more…

Posted on 04 December 2015

Lithium Dawn – ‘Tearing Back The Veil I: Ascension’ [Review]

Lithium Dawn

This is one of the most inspiring metal albums of 2015.

With the first part of Tearing Back The Veil, Lithium Dawn have set out to stretch the boundaries of tech-heavy progressive metal. It’s an ambitious task, to say the least; with luminaries such as Meshuggah, Karnivool, Periphery, Tool and Tesseract already forging new paths into the future, it’s easy to overlook the underground underdogs out there, and assume that everyone bar the legends are paying lip service to progression while actually playing catch-up.

One of the most attractive aspects of the prog world is the fact that anything goes. It’s like watching a Thunderbirds rerun from the ’60s: “Anything can happen in the next half hour!” We expect twists, turns, and tangents – but Lithium Dawn don’t just live up to that expectation. They go beyond it, into the Read more…

Posted on 20 November 2015

Julia Biel – ‘Licence To Be Cruel’ [Review]

Julia Biel

A great remix is a beautiful and rare thing. Now that the technology needed to mash up and rework the works of others is easily affordable, the number of people diving into the world of digitized sound manipulation has mushroomed.

Unfortunately, not everyone with a DAW and fancy plugins is an instant genius. Getting good at any art takes time – and on Licence To Be Cruel, five outstanding producers have taken four fine tracks from Julia Biel’s recent album Love Letters And Other Missiles and given them Read more…

Posted on 21 October 2015

2000 Trees 2015 [Festival Review]

2000 Trees

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Few things in life feel as good as immersing yourself in something you love. Diving deep into awesomeness, allowing the world’s worries to slip away, replacing baggage with better things. Escaping.

Of all the modern world’s escape hatches, music remains one of the most enigmatic and rewarding options. However, everyday life offers few opportunities for extended periods of musical immersion. You can walk down the street under headphones, spend a lazy Sunday in the company of your sound system with the curtains drawn, or spend an evening at a top-class venue taking in a few bands – but for many music fanatics, such experiences still don’t go deep enough.

2000 Trees certainly does. Situated on an out-of-the-way Gloucestershire farm in a 3G-free dead zone, the Trees site is an ideal location for digital disconnection, and reconnection with simpler things. The feeling of sun on your face, wind on your skin, and pure live music vibrating every cell in your body.

Arcane Roots’ (95%) set was the perfect reward for an Read more…

Posted on 15 July 2015

The Skints [Interview]

The Skints

2000 Trees 2015 is fixed to be something very special – and the Skints’ set is sure to be a highlight for many a happy Trees camper. If I don’t hear these guys’ immense new album FM around the campsite, I will be very disappointed. Here, Skints guitarist/vocalist Josh Waters Rudge runs the TMMP gauntlet in record time:

You’re playing 2000 Trees 2015. How’re you feeling about it?

Great! Got lots of festivals to do before then, but come 2000 Trees we’ll be ready for the fun.

What’s the best thing about festivals for you?

Everyone having lots of fun, playing to loads of people who are predisposed to have a great time, watching cool music, outside.

Do you have anything special planned for your set at Trees?

We’re playing about 50 festivals this summer, so it’s probably gonna be Read more…

Posted on 06 July 2015

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