Cage The Elephant – ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’ [Review]

Cage The Elephant - Tell Me I'm Pretty

Rock’n’roll, garage rock, psychedelic rock, alternative rock – call it what you like, throw a rock today and you might well hit someone in a soundalike, dime-a-dozen band matching one of those descriptions. They look the same, sound (almost) the same, pose the same way in pictures – and they’ve occupied the “wrong side of the tracks” position in the mainstream for over a decade.

Cage The Elephant, however, are Read more…

Posted on 07 January 2016

2000 Trees 2015 [Festival Review]

2000 Trees

UPDATE: TMMP has been reborn! This video has the full story:

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Few things in life feel as good as immersing yourself in something you love. Diving deep into awesomeness, allowing the world’s worries to slip away, replacing baggage with better things. Escaping.

Of all the modern world’s escape hatches, music remains one of the most enigmatic and rewarding options. However, everyday life offers few opportunities for extended periods of musical immersion. You can walk down the street under headphones, spend a lazy Sunday in the company of your sound system with the curtains drawn, or spend an evening at a top-class venue taking in a few bands – but for many music fanatics, such experiences still don’t go deep enough.

2000 Trees certainly does. Situated on an out-of-the-way Gloucestershire farm in a 3G-free dead zone, the Trees site is an ideal location for digital disconnection, and reconnection with simpler things. The feeling of sun on your face, wind on your skin, and pure live music vibrating every cell in your body.

Arcane Roots’ (95%) set was the perfect reward for an Read more…

Posted on 15 July 2015

Jurassic Pop [Interview]

Jurassic Pop

This is the greatest interview you will ever read.

Your first hit is called Whoever You Are, Whoever You’re With, You Must ALWAYS Make Time To Get With Jeff. What makes Jeff Goldblum so damn sexy?

Just look at him! On a purely physical level it’s those smouldering good looks, his barely concealed chiselled chest and his devil-may-get-a-hard-on dress sense!

Dust below that exterior though, past the sizzling dry wit and humour and you get to what makes Jeff just irresistible. He’s SO. FUCKING. WISE. While everybody else dances around getting excited about playing God, he’s the man who dollops out the sense of cynicism – and ALL of the best lines. Life will find a way.

2000 Trees Festival are letting you loose on their stage this year. What can the curious expect from your set?

I know right? Idiots!

So basically Jurassic Pop pride ourselves on bringing a lo-fi set full of brazen dinosaur enthusiasm, pop hooks, and every lyric carefully crafted about Jurassic Park. There will be Read more…

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Posted on 04 July 2015

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