Tigercub / Kagoule / The Tens [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 23/2/2015]

tigercubAlthough The Tens do possess plenty of heart, balls, and swagger, they’re currently still at the stage where their instruments own them, rather than the other way around. With more practice (as in “Spending more time beating the living crap out of their instruments” rather than “Studiously woodshedding a path to NoSoulVille”), the Tens will eventually become serious hard-rocking badasses. For now, though, they still need more time to develop.

Kagoule started off sounding like Placebo’s musical test-tube baby (a really cool move) before heading somewhere else entirely. Alt-rock is the name of the game with these guys, but they’ve managed to forge a path of their own without forgetting the importance of quality songcraft. Unorthodox polyrhythms kept things fresh and got the crowd moving – and although there were some minor communication issues toward the end, they failed to derail an otherwise wicked set.

Tigercub were bloody awesome. Tons of grungy attitude; incredible songs that drone, rock, roll, and surge with drained determination; and the occasional mind-raping guitar solo added up to a winning show. Loose as the dirt filling a fresh grave and punctuated by the great tunes featured in the Soundcloud player below, this was a brilliant set from a band keeping the spirit of Nirvana and co. alive with indisputable authenticity.

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The Boileroom official website.

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Posted on 25 February 2015

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