Parachute For Gordo – ‘Ten Metres Per Second Per Second’ [Review]

parachute for gordoAs this blog’s name suggests, I love variety. Nothing gets my ears twitching and brain cells firing quite as readily as the discovery of a fresh new band capable of delivering healthy doses of genre-hopping brilliance. Parachute For Gordo are, therefore, a godsend to me. Read more…

Posted on 14 June 2014

Mononoké – ‘Tom Finigan EP’ [Review]

Mononoke logoThis is an instrumental math/noise EP, and the collective name under which its creators work references anime (either this TV show or this movie – or perhaps both?).

No matter what the mainstream magazines might have you believe, it just doesn’t get any cooler than this. Read more…

Posted on 08 April 2014

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