Mononoké – ‘Tom Finigan EP’ [Review]

Mononoke logoThis is an instrumental math/noise EP, and the collective name under which its creators work references anime (either this TV show or this movie – or perhaps both?).

No matter what the mainstream magazines might have you believe, it just doesn’t get any cooler than this.

Although this EP is somewhat easier to categorise than Falsense’s Death of a Hidden Influence or EaglePrawn’s EP, it is no less unique. Mononoké’s rough-edged technicality brings old-school Biffy Clyro to mind; their home genre’s penchant for predictably unpredictable odd-meter and none-more-syncopated writing remains resolutely present; and there are a pair of tongue-in-cheek song titles sure to tickle film buffs (Leonardo Di Caprisun) and win the hearts of diehard Die Hard fans (Happy Trails Hans). I love this; it almost feels as if this EP were written especially for me.

Fans of Signals, Atiptoe, and The Fierce And The Dead will shortly find themselves fans of Mononoké. I may be the first, but I’ll certainly not be the last.


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This EP is currently unreleased; follow that Facebook page to grab your copy.

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Posted on 08 April 2014

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