Parachute For Gordo – ‘Ten Metres Per Second Per Second’ [Review]

parachute for gordoAs this blog’s name suggests, I love variety. Nothing gets my ears twitching and brain cells firing quite as readily as the discovery of a fresh new band capable of delivering healthy doses of genre-hopping brilliance. Parachute For Gordo are, therefore, a godsend to me. Read more…

Posted on 14 June 2014

The Best Pessimist – ‘Love Is…’ [Review]

According to the greatest Facebook page ever, the term ‘alexithymia’ refers to “An inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner”. Although this definition only scratches the surface of alexithymia’s psychological repercussions, it serves perfectly well to describe my state of mind when listening to Love Is…. Read more…

Posted on 20 January 2014

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