The Best Pessimist – ‘Love Is…’ [Review]

According to the greatest Facebook page ever, the term ‘alexithymia’ refers to “An inability to describe emotions in a verbal manner”. Although this definition only scratches the surface of alexithymia’s psychological repercussions, it serves perfectly well to describe my state of mind when listening to Love Is….

This is not music that can be adequately described with marks on paper, vocal cord vibrations, or patterns of light on a screen; your only real chance at understanding this album lies solely within the listening process. Sections of Love Is… remind me of *shels’ album The Plain Of The Purple Buffalo, that LP’s soft/heavy dynamic split apart and the latter half almost entirely discarded in favour of pure and clean intensity. I haven’t heard piano played with this much gravity since I last listened to Ludovico Einaudi – and that’s just a single instrument. Also, closing remix Autumn Leaves pushes over the top to offer complete satisfaction to those for whom a little more heaviness is required. But these descriptions can only offer the merest suggestion of the full Love Is… experience. I’m not going to try to write any longer; just listen through the player below, and hear it for yourself.


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Posted on 20 January 2014

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