Parachute For Gordo – ‘Ten Metres Per Second Per Second’ [Review]

parachute for gordoAs this blog’s name suggests, I love variety. Nothing gets my ears twitching and brain cells firing quite as readily as the discovery of a fresh new band capable of delivering healthy doses of genre-hopping brilliance. Parachute For Gordo are, therefore, a godsend to me.

Each track on Ten Metres Per Second Per Second contains its own idiosyncratic touches. Bandage Of Scat is an intense trip-hopping tapestry; I Offered You A Small Dog In The Kitchen is a bundle of post-rock joy; 10,000 Bay Leaves In A Koala Bear’s Mouth offers up a Portishead-style intro that gives way to jagged guitars and builds up to a frantic middle section complete with epically unorthodox guitar soloing; Decoy Octopus is filled with glassy riffage and razor-edged melodies; The Labrasaga is full of sparse, aching notes and ponderous, thoughtful drumming leading the way to vast overdriven soundscapes drowning under waves of tremolo picking; and Give Up, Break! and Entropy Is Not What It Used To Be present incredibly fragile songwriting that sits on a knife edge between solid, safe ground and a state of complete and irreversible collapse. Overall, it’s a real slab of original thought and well-considered creativity.

If you’re a fan of *shels, Falsense, The Fierce And The Dead, and the many Belgian instrument-manglers TMMP has previously reviewed, you’re going to love Parachute For Gordo.

Go ahead, and get stuck in.

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Posted on 14 June 2014

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