Father Figure – ‘Heavy Meddlers’ [Review]

father figure heavy meddlersI was first introduced to this album by Falsense – and now, let’s just say that I owe him a lot of drinks. I already spend much of my spare time listening to fusion and prog bands – many of whom have been written about in this very corner of the interwebs – and my standards have been driven consistently upwards by the outstanding contributions that have already come my way. Nonetheless, Father Figure meet (and frequently exceed) those standards with a borderline terrifying effortlessness. Read more…

Posted on 06 October 2014

Buffo’s Wake – ‘Carniphobia’ [Review]

buffo's wake carniphobiaOpening like a bouncier version of Rodrigo Y Gabriela’s Re-Foc album and strutting confidently through ten tracks of cool and elegant gypsy punk, Carniphobia is party music par excellence. Put down that Ibiza compilation CD and step away from the ‘Urban/RnB’ section of your local record shop – Buffo’s Wake have all you need to get happy, horny, and everything in between. Fans of the Cat Empire, Caravan Palace, Lunatrix and the Zen Hussies will love Carniphobia – but even those unaccustomed to sexy music that’s not performed by machines are sure to find themselves seduced. Read more…

Posted on 14 September 2014

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