Kyshera – ‘Circle’ [Review]

kyshera circleIn the music business, few stories are topped off by a happy ending. Trying times, setbacks, and struggles are common – and more often than not, even the most valiant resistance meets with failure.

This was especially the case during the old days of the music industry, when Read more…

Posted on 22 March 2015

ACODA – ‘Truth Seeker’ [Review]

acoda truth seekerAcoda have spent the last few years forging a real reputation for pushing themselves right to the edge of their abilities – and Truth Seeker sees that edge extended even further than before. Injecting a post-hardcore core with guttural guitar tones, syncopation aplenty, wickedly snaky grooves, and extra-strong songwriting chops, Acoda are going to make a serious mark on the rock world’s 2015 with this album. Read more…

Posted on 11 January 2015

Sonic Boom Six – ‘The Boom Needs You!’ [Review]

sonic boom six the boom need syouSome of the catchiest pieces of music ever written were conceived as advertising jingles. Whether it’s Go Compare’s opera singer or McDonalds’ I’m Lovin’ It campaign, we can all think of at least one jingle that we instantly regret remembering because (in the cases above) it either makes us want to kill ourselves, or was used to sell addictive products that could potentially kill you. Thank fuck, then, that Sonic Boom Six’s PledgeMusic campaign is being pushed out into the world via The Boom Needs You! – a song that I didn’t originally plan on reviewing, but which became so lodged in my brain that I felt compelled to write these words. Read more…

Posted on 21 August 2014

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