ACODA – ‘Truth Seeker’ [Review]

acoda truth seekerAcoda have spent the last few years forging a real reputation for pushing themselves right to the edge of their abilities – and Truth Seeker sees that edge extended even further than before. Injecting a post-hardcore core with guttural guitar tones, syncopation aplenty, wickedly snaky grooves, and extra-strong songwriting chops, Acoda are going to make a serious mark on the rock world’s 2015 with this album.

Songs like the familiar ‘Round The Sun, full-tilt Face Everything, and labyrinthine Talk It Out feel mathy at first, but still retain a masterful catchiness that will make Acoda’s already formidable live sets easily interactive. It’s piss-easy to picture a seething mass of fans hitting the pit while screaming these songs at the top of their lungs; perhaps there’s an opportunity for the world’s most metal workout video in there somewhere? Opener Make It Up As You Go showcases Acoda in the throes of emotional vulnerability while filling your ears full of balls, heart, and swagger, as do Won’t Go Running and Sleep On It – and while that may not sound like the most pleasant combination of things to have shoved in your earholes, the actual experience is pretty damn enjoyable.

Overall, Truth Seeker is a thrillingly diverse set of songs from one of the UK’s best currently-underground metal bands. From the start of the PledgeMusic campaign that funded it to the dying moments of the absolutely crushing album closer Hymnyin, it’s clearly been an emotional ride thus far – but as a result of all that, Acoda are sitting on a fucking stunner of an album. When you get the chance to give it a listen, take it.


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Posted on 11 January 2015

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