Rose Coloured Records – ‘Doorstep – Volume 2’ [Review]

rose coloured doorstep volume 2Dropped right before Christmas last year, Rose Coloured’s Doorstep Volume 2 compilation doubtless made great stocking filler for a number of Surrey and Hampshire’s resident music fans. It also offers plenty of great reasons to get excited about the Guildford- and Aldershot-centred music scenes in 2015.

Regular TMMP readers will already know twothirtytwo and their track Bones (the winningly passionate opener from their EP The Hope We Had); Following Foxes and Almost Lost It (a polished folk-rock song with plenty of pop potential); and the darkly British angst of Lightboxes‘ Wendigo (and the Infinite Sadness). But there are fourteen more tracks on this beyond-long-playing compilation, with enough immense offerings in there to justify wading through the lot. For TMMP, Champion Jack‘s epic riffage on Godzuki, Secret Black Boyfriend‘s dirt-encrusted Reuben-do-sludge vibe on Talk Show Paternity Test, Annabel Allum‘s excellent and quirky acoustic number Sea/SkyMidfield Workhorse‘s stocky Challenge Accepted and The Wicked Venetians‘ cool and slinky party tune from hell (Shivers) were serious standout moments – but that does nothing to take away from the remaining tracks.

While Rose Coloured’s first Doorstep compilation suffered from some iffy tracks and induced a bout of Punk Fatigue that forced this reviewer to take a break around the halfway mark, Volume 2 is very different. Although the production jobs on some of the remaining tracks (the Ed Allen Trio‘s Skin Ain’t Mine; the chirpily-monikered itoldyouiwouldeatyou‘s Word & Object; Joe Booley‘s Never Fail, Never Fade; Fauntleroy‘s This Love Is Uncomfortable; Those Makeshift Heroes‘ Such A Shame; Kilter‘s Rain) don’t do the songs themselves justice, the minds behind the music still manage to shine through it all – and the punk bands in the lineup (The CottonettesTindall, and Miss Vincent) all deliver strong tunes and shedloads of anxiety-ridden energy. In terms of pace, variety, and songcrafting quality, Doorstep Volume 2 is definitely a winner.

As I said at the start, this compilation offers plenty of reasons to get excited about the Guildford/Aldershot music scene in 2015. It’ll be very interesting to see how these acts move forward in the months to come.

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Posted on 05 January 2015

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