Black Futures / Seething Akira / Biometrix [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 25/9/14]

Black-Futures-live 1It’s weird to think this gig would never have happened had the Boileroom’s licence been suspended – but the former did happen, because the latter wasn’t. The peacefully dubstep-loving crowds were out in droves last night to check out:


Already a buzzing name on the local circuit, this time out Biometrix did suffer from an audience who were either lacking liquid encouragement or saving their moshing virginities “for the right moment”. Nonetheless, Biometrix still forged ahead with fiercely energetic tunes, many bestial riffs, and an enthusiastic if visibly underwhelmed stage presence. Biometrix clearly thrive on a give-and-take energy flow; I’m looking forward to seeing them take the stage to a more up-for-it audience in the future.

That said, I reckon that had Biometrix taken out their obviously pent-up frustrations on their instruments instead of keeping them bottled up, this set would have been off-the-charts insane – and all that aforementioned virginal withholding would have been abandoned.

Seething Akira

More than just a winning name, Seething Akira sound like Rage Against The Machine jamming with Pendulum. Moist yet? You should be.

First single Firepower induced some serious premarital moshing – and all that sinful surrender was rewarded by extra-hyperactive onstage movement. The Boileroom came to life for Seething Akira – and for the band themselves this was a clearly confidence-boosting outing. Seething Akira were absolutely the ideal warmup act for…

Black Futures

…who (my turn to confess a sin here) I’d never seen live before. The band formerly known as Subsource have something of a reputation for being kind of good live – and with a double-bass-toting badass for a vocalist, Vince Welch’s ridiculously powerful drumming, and a shit-ton of wicked guitar and synth work shoving riffs and melodies and wubs through the PA, I can see why that reputation precedes them.

Black-Futures-live 2

Black Futures’ future-punk, to my ears, renders previous punk models all but obsolete while setting the bar intimidatingly high for bandwagon-jumpers. This night, Black Futures made it clear that they remain in a class of their own – and with Red Bull-fuelled peers snapping at their heels and an obviously bottomless reservoir of ambition and energy on tap, it’s going to be extremely exciting to see how things progress from here…

Big love and respect as always to the Boileroom crew for putting on another top-drawer night.


Black Futures on Facebook and Twitter.

Seething Akira on Facebook and Twitter.

Biometrix on Facebook and Twitter.

The Boileroom official website.

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Posted on 26 September 2014

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  1. Ah, I meant to go to this for Seething Akira – glad to hear they were good, I’ll seek them out next time I hear of them. Not sure how you reviewed them without comparing them to Enter Shikari though!

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