Opeth – ‘Pale Communion’ [Review]

opeth pale communionAs an atheist, I don’t believe in hell – but if I were to wind up in said fiery pit, at least there would be good music there. Pale Communion is a perfect example, more than enough to take your mind off the threat of lava enemas; from the sprawling spaciousness of Eternal Rains Will Come to the thickly cinematic Faith In Others via Cusp Of Eternity‘s muscular chugs and skybound melodies and the Return To Forever vibe of instrumental offering Goblin, I could go on and on about how spellbindingly brilliant this long-player is. But instead, I’m going to stop the evangelising and let you head downscreen to sample Pale Communion for yourself.

Go ahead – you only live once.

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Posted on 26 August 2014

2 responses to “Opeth – ‘Pale Communion’ [Review]”

  1. jazztraveler says:

    Just got myself the record. Thanks for giving me the incentive!

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