A Guide To Project RnL – Part Two

project rnlWelcome to Part Two of The Musical Melting Pot’s Guide To Project RnL! Click here for Part One, where we looked at Project RnL’s YouTube-based output to date. This time around, we’ll be looking at the extracurricular work of Project RnL’s core members: keyboardist Eyal Amir, and vocalist Ray Livnat.

Eyal Amir Solo Work & Collaborations

As with any good jazz / fusion bandleader, Eyal Amir barely seems willing to take a break from his life’s work. However bad that might seem in the eyes of people who look down at his like and insist they “Get a proper job and cut their hair”, this is great for the rest of us as it means we have still more incredible music to enjoy, and the certainty of more to come.


We Found Love [Original Artist: Rihanna]

Although referring to Rihanna as an ‘artist’ might be viewed as heretical by many members of the prog fraternity, this cover demonstrates her single’s status as a good song, standing up to the ultimate test: rearrangement. With extra help from pianist / percussionist Ruslan Sirota and taking an unorthodox approach to the concept of ‘piano playing’, Amir delivers another brilliant (and in this case instrumental) jazz-influenced cover.

Moves Like Jagger [Original Artist: Maroon 5]

I don’t know anybody who likes the original version of this song. Ok – I actually do like it, and this iPad-based cover is excellent. The only serious downside? This video proves that even Jordan Rudess can dance better than I can.

22 [Original Artist: Taylor Swift]

At the time of writing, I’m listening to this track for the first time. And, as you’ve probably guessed, I’m stunned. The original tune has literally been shredded and reassembled into some kind of prog-genius collage – no boring four-to-the-floor beat, just razor-edged guitars and super-tight performances from Eyal’s latest ensemble. Prog lovers may also recognise the guitarist – Daniel Jakubovic – from Jordan Rudess’s Rhythm of Time album, and a 2010 live jam on Bandcrashers.com featuring Jakubovic, Rudess, and insane drummist Marco Minnemann.


Deal With It

A tribute to the electric guitar’s versatility, this instrumental is beautifully balanced upon the sweet spot between ‘technique for the sake of it’ and blissful compositional hypnosis.

Latin Dream

Collaborating with familiar face Tammy Scheffer, here Eyal Amir presents the kind of pop-fusion tune that Chick Corea would be proud to have penned.

Bad News Jitterbug

This track was the first tune to ever be reviewed on The Musical Melting Pot. That review can be read here. I still stand by what I said then.

Le Internet Medley

As if Project RnL and his own solo efforts weren’t enough, Eyal Amir has also made a name for himself as a producer of note. For the GAG Quartet’s Le Internet Medley Amir filled in on piano and backing vocals while recording and mixing the whole thing, which has now been viewed by more than 26 million YouTube users. If you’ve not witnessed this already, you now have no excuse to not join them:

Ray Livnat Collaborative Work

Although a little less prolific than his bandmate, Ray Livnat has proven himself a force to be reckoned with. For proof, check these recordings out:


Ray Livnat & Ori Ben Zvi – Think Of Me With Kindness

After Le Internet Medley‘s hyperstimulating OTT barrage, this tune is likely to come as a welcome relief. Singing a gentle duet alongside guitarist Ori Ben Zvi, and looking a little like John Lennon, Ray Livnat demonstrates his ability to perform in even the most stripped-down of circumstances.


Anakdota – Late

An uptempo and comedic yet endlessly repeatable song, here Late combines videosong virtuosity with a narrative flair not (yet?) seen in a freshly fit and trim Ray Livnat’s work with Project RnL.

Anakdota – The Girl Next Door

Anakdota’s debut release, this video sees Ray Livnat – backed up by bandmates Erez Aviram (Piano & Keyboards), Guy Bernfeld (Bass) and Yogev Gabay (Drums) – skip between pining after an unrequited love and dominating still another prog-pop song with masterful confidence.

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Posted on 04 January 2014

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