Bare Jams – ‘Rigglet EP’ [Review]

bare jams riggletAs I write this, I’m sitting outside in the sun. Birds are sitting on branches in the shade, there are no clouds in sight, and the temperature is just right. This EP is in my ears, and right now it feels like nothing else on Earth could soundtrack these moments better. Read more…

Posted on 11 June 2014

Bare Jams – ‘Beautys EP’ [Review]

In the depths of a freezing winter, even the smallest fragment of sunshine can be refreshing. With their new EP ‘Beautys’, Guildford-based acoustic duo Bare Jams offer a full day’s worth of shining light and upbeat vibes – and all listening ears are better off for it. Opening track ‘Good Times Roll’ is a fat slab of nicely orchestrated and funky acoustic pop that shifts gears into reggae for some satisfying variation; ‘Carry On’ is a backbeat-heavy tune made to make heads bob and necks relax; ‘Chase The Sun’ positions Bare Jams in direct opposition to the face-to-screen iPhone obsessed lifestyle so ubiquitous in modern British culture; and closer ‘Going Up’ features earthy acoustics and lyrics offering a level-headed take on youthfulness and the inexorable forces of aging. Read more…

Posted on 06 February 2014

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