Bare Jams – ‘Rigglet EP’ [Review]

bare jams riggletAs I write this, I’m sitting outside in the sun. Birds are sitting on branches in the shade, there are no clouds in sight, and the temperature is just right. This EP is in my ears, and right now it feels like nothing else on Earth could soundtrack these moments better.

On Rigglet, Bare Jams have really matured. I called their last EP “a valuable public service” – and Rigglet is no different in that sense. The world needs music like this. Sound-wise, however, things are much more grown up. There’s a sense of darkness at the edge of the light here – and although it doesn’t interfere with the EP’s fit as a summertime release, it adds a certain hint of spice that works really well.

Whereas Beautys was youthful and carefree, Rigglet sounds like a band growing up and learning to deal with hard and tough adult world issues while listening to Australian ska-jazz titans The Cat Empire and local funky stalwarts Spotlight Cannibal. It’s the sound of a group of guys fighting back against the innumerable bastards trying to grind us all down – and, as the EP proceeds, gradually succeeding. Compare the opening lilt of Mrs Crondidly to the closing moments of fourth track Fast Feet, and you’ll hear what I mean.

Overall, the only downside to Bare Jams is that whenever I try to type their name into Google, I end up typing ‘Bare James’ by accident. The results you get from that search are very different…


The Rigglet EP gets launched tonight at The Boileroom in Guildford. Come down and check it out!

Bare Jams official website.

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Posted on 11 June 2014

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