5 Words To Avoid When Promoting Your Music

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When promoting your music, getting heard and seen is everything. Cutting through the noise, being the loud-and-clear signal, making sure that people know who you are and what you’re about. These are your goals – and you have a lot of competition.

This is life for the modern musician. For you.

The words listed below may seem harmless at first glance, but you need to rethink them if you want to separate yourself from the competition. Attention to the finest of details is what distinguishes the great from the merely good, okay, and rubbish. Using these words (or in some cases using them in the wrong way) can instantly lose you potential supporters – and even attract the worst kind of attention.

What follows may sound harsh, but it’s important. Music industry professionals are hypersensitive to the words that follow, and if you want to win them over, you need to think like they do. You need to understand how their brains work – and if you can do that, you’ll leave everyone else in the dust. Read more…

Posted on 14 September 2015

5 Tips For Success: Submitting Your Music to Music Blogs

Note: Although this article is aimed at absolute beginners, more experienced acts may also benefit from the advice below.

So, you’re now the proud parent(s) of a beautiful new album, EP, single, or video. Maybe you’ve just given birth to the full set! You’ve dredged up your most emotionally turbulent memories; channelled them into your art; sworn and fought (and perhaps even calmly negotiated) your way through the songwriting / compositional process; suffered through painstaking take after take in the studio, striving to capture that elusive perfect performance; and finally it’s all done. You can’t wait to show off your baby to the world. You need help in getting the word out, you’ve found some awesome music blogs (such as this one – wink wink), and you’re wondering exactly how to make the most of this opportunity.

Here are five tips to help make your experience more rewarding, and less (or, ideally, not at all) painful. Read more…

Posted on 14 February 2014

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