Mindfulness Of Sound Meditation Workshop [Event Review – Red Hot Yoga, Guildford, 4/7/14]

red hot yogaThis article is a real TMMP first. I’ve experienced all kinds of live music events, from punk festivals to acoustic nights, EDM shows, circle-pit-packed metal gigs, and even operas starring Japanese pop stars who don’t exist – but still, this experience was new to me. The world of music is mind-bogglingly vast; you could never hope to comprehend it in its totality, and it is crammed with all manner of treasures, large and small.

This workshop was small, humble, and unassuming – at least, it would seem so to anyone walking past and peeking through the door. But huge things can happen when you sit down and take on a formal meditation routine. This workshop – led by mindfulness teacher and professional musician Andrew Ford of Inner Pieces fame – was based around mindfulness of sound. Read more…

Posted on 07 July 2014

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