The Hell – ‘Groovehammer’ [Review]

the hell groovehammerThe first time I heard about The Hell, I was advised to imagine The Lonely Island – only metal. Well, The Hell might not have Justin Timberlake crooning about how “Every Mother’s Day needs a Mother’s Night”, but they do have a bottomless bag of fat grooves and slightly less than serious lyrics. And they’re called The Hell – which should really be enough for any self-respecting metal fan. Read more…

Posted on 26 November 2014

Chess – ‘Tuxedo EP’ [Review]

Those who have been following The Musical Melting Pot since the start are likely to recognise Chess from this review. On Tuxedo, her second EP, Chess has discarded the girl-power platitudes familiar to fans of Nicole Scherzinger and remodelled herself as the female equivalent of Justin Timberlake.  Read more…

Posted on 13 January 2014

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