Babymetal – ‘Metal Resistance’ [Review]

Babymetal Metal Resistance Album Review 2016

UPDATE: TMMP has been reborn! This video has the full story:

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Babymetal are the ultimate Marmite band.

Since emerging in 2011, Babymetal have blown up worldwide – and although in some corners people express a passionate desire to see Babymetal actually blown up, those of us who’re capable of taking life less seriously have embraced them simply because Babymetal are fucking fun.

Metal Resistance hammers the humour angle home immediately, as Dragonforce guitarists Herman Li and Sam Totman lend their lightspeed skills to Read more…

Posted on 02 April 2016

Outpatients [Live Review – The Boileroom, Guildford, 21/10/13]


Outpatients’ most obvious selling point is the presence of ex-SikTh vocalist Mikee Goodman, but this was much more than a one-man show. Read more…

Posted on 22 October 2013

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