As It Is – ‘The Great Depression’ (Album Review)

As It Is The Great Depression Review merch tour band tickets okay

Let’s start by stating the obvious: Depression is a cunt. According to the UK’s Mental Health Foundation, combined anxiety and depression is the most prevalent mental health issue in this country, ruining and even destroying life for far too many people. Add in the fact that over one million people a year die by suicide worldwide, and you’re only scratching the surface of the topic tackled by As It Is throughout The Great Depression. Read more…

Posted on 07 August 2018

Real Friends – ‘Composure’ (Album Review)

Real Friends Composure Review Album itunes vinyl download stream tracklist from the outside smiling on the surface

Emo and pop-punk bands tend to travel through a series of stages as they get older. At first, their work can easily come across as immature – often because it is – before they gradually shift towards rockier sounds and come face to face with adult, not adolescent, challenges.  Real Friends have taken that path, and it’s currently culminating in Read more…

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Posted on 04 July 2018

Boston Manor – ‘Saudade’ [Review]

Boston Manor - Saudade

With winter creeping in and darkness arriving ever earlier, Boston Manor’s Saudade EP is pretty timely. Taking up residence at the centre of a three-pronged junction between pop-punk, emo, and indie, Boston Manor’s latest is packed with melancholic anthems.

Gone‘s gritty arpeggios and ten-Red-Bull intensity, the ruminative Trapped Nerve, and the bouncy maturity of Asleep At The Wheel are all consistently Read more…

Posted on 18 November 2015

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