Boston Manor – ‘Saudade’ [Review]

Boston Manor - Saudade

With winter creeping in and darkness arriving ever earlier, Boston Manor’s Saudade EP is pretty timely. Taking up residence at the centre of a three-pronged junction between pop-punk, emo, and indie, Boston Manor’s latest is packed with melancholic anthems.

Gone‘s gritty arpeggios and ten-Red-Bull intensity, the ruminative Trapped Nerve, and the bouncy maturity of Asleep At The Wheel are all consistently solid – but final track Shade tops things off in showstopping fashion. As relentless yearning gives way to guttural catharsis, it’s the kind of song that hits you where it hurts. It’s Saudade‘s most powerful statement of intent – and this EP as a whole marks Boston Manor as a band to watch out for.



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Posted on 18 November 2015

3 responses to “Boston Manor – ‘Saudade’ [Review]”

  1. Manfrom Pem says:

    Great words for a great band. These guys are the UK’s secret weapon for 2016 – hold tight, their rise to the top is going to be supersonic.

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