Seething Akira [Interview]

Seething Akira

Seething Akira are more than a badass name. They’ve spent the last couple of years pushing themselves in all directions, snapping up support slots with the likes of Hacktivist, Heart Of A Coward, Don Broco, Subsource, Sonic Boom Six, Skindred, and The Algorithm while working on a slowly growing set of winning recorded releases. Their latest, Airstrike, is out now, and reviewed on TMMP here. With the band swept up in a high-pressure post-release whirlwind, TMMP got them talking about their origin story, intimate tattoos, flying carpets, and Kanye West…

Your new single Airstrike is out now. How excited are you?

Our exciteometer is close to maximum! It’s been far too long since we’ve released new material, so we’re hyped to get it out there!

How would you describe your sound to an inebriated stranger?


What’s Seething Akira’s origin story?

Charlie was producing hip-hop for artists around the world for a couple of years, but then decided he wanted to hit the stage and also create a hybrid style. After finding Kit as the vocalist on the Isle of Wight, they basically Read more…

Posted on 01 August 2015

Seething Akira – ‘Airstrike’ [Review]

Seething Akira

Seething Akira are a sick live band – and this tune always goes down explosively when they hit stages across the country.

A super-fat chrome-plated hybrid of metal and drum ‘n’ bass that fans of the sadly defunct Pendulum will find instantly addictive, Airstrike is guaranteed to snap Read more…

Posted on 16 July 2015

Xilent [Interview]


When it comes to epic-grade electronica, Xilent is an artist with a voice of his own. His new album We Are Virtual received a rave review from TMMP for good reason – and here, the man himself chats about his origin story, that long-player, his biggest ambition as a musician, and more…

Your new album We Are Virtual is out now. How do you feel about the reactions to it so far?

It has been really great, the amount of people that appreciate the album’s style and message as well as enjoy it as a whole makes me incredibly happy! Releasing it opened doors to a completely new world to me, because literally everything that has been a part of my style and mindset since I began making music is encompassed among all the tracks that make up We Are Virtual.

What first inspired you to take a musical path in life?

A major inspiration were my family; my parents had actually met each other at Read more…

Posted on 13 June 2015

Xilent – ‘We Are Virtual’ [Review]


If variety is the spice of life, your life is about to get a whole lot spicier. Three years in the making and worth every second, We Are Virtual is a massively eclectic melting pot of modern electronic styles – and it’s also pretty damn mind-blowing.

Since 2011, Xilent has been mentioned in the same breath as Skrillex, Nero, and Read more…

Posted on 24 May 2015

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