Xilent – ‘We Are Virtual’ [Review]


If variety is the spice of life, your life is about to get a whole lot spicier. Three years in the making and worth every second, We Are Virtual is a massively eclectic melting pot of modern electronic styles – and it’s also pretty damn mind-blowing.

Since 2011, Xilent has been mentioned in the same breath as Skrillex, Nero, and a host of other bass-loving legends – and on this evidence, it’s not hard to see why. Considering the potential for awkward clashes throughout We Are Virtual, the sense of coherence and idiosyncrasy which permeates the whole thing is hugely impressive. Revolution‘s sick holes; Shadow Of You‘s processed vocals; Animation‘s winning hooks and hectic DnB-influenced beats; the bank vault tight To The Future; the direct lyrics and pounding rhythms of This Life; the gut-twisting ChemicalHysteria‘s under-duress synths and Vital‘s revitalising timbral blends…these are just a few of the highlights for me. But honestly, there’s not a dull or out-of-place moment in there. Referring to albums as journeys happens a lot, but this is absolutely that.

Overall, We Are Virtual is already one of 2015’s most essential electronic releases. For serious.


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Posted on 24 May 2015

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