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No Consequence

Surrey-based tech metal outfit No Consequence are on the rise for a reason. These guys embody everything a modern metal fan could reasonably ask for: flawless technique, dense and intense tracks, and intelligent messages behind it all. With NC’s third album Vimana out as of yesterday, TMMP talked to vocalist Kaan Tasan about his band’s latest effort, grooves, and change…

Your new album Vimana is due out soon. What thoughts/feelings are going through your heads right now?

Well, we’re obviously excited and very proud of what we’ve accomplished with Vimana. But it’s always a stressful time having spent so long creating something, then releasing it to the world. You always want a positive response, but that doesn’t always happen [laughs]!

Your lyrics are very socially aware. Did any specific experiences and/or people first inspire you to address social issues/politics/religion/etc?

I guess for me personally, it’s just life. That’s what inspires me the most, the things I come across on a day to day basis. Whether it’s personal, political, or social, it’s just my opinions on what I encounter.

What current issues do you feel most strongly about?

There’s far too many to just list. Globally I’d say poverty, equality, climate change, corruption, war. Closer to home in the UK, it could be more cuts to the public sector, increased taxes, class divides, pension cuts. There’s so many – the list would be endless!

What would you have people do to address those problems?

Be more driven for change, not just with yourself but the others around you. Get involved. Do your research. Don’t just be content with the way things are. Talk about topics, political or social, make people aware.

It’s small changes in your day to day life [that] can make a change.

What inspired your move toward groove-focussed tracks on Vimana?

It’s more fun live [laughs]! There’s always been grooves in our old material, they’re just easier to follow now!

Your tracks are incredibly complicated, to say the least. How do you go about putting them together?

It’s just a matter of demoing the tracks and playing with structures etc; it helps that we can record ideas straight away, then send them to each other. If things get really tough to work out, we tab things out with either MIDI or old-school pen and paper! That gives us a bit more of an idea on how to develop the part.

No Consequence has been going for ten years now. How did it all get started?

I’m not actually sure [laughs]! I’m not an original member – actually there are no original members left!

The band has changed quite a lot with the various member changes over the years, but I know the band started as just a hobby band nothing serious. It’s definitely not the same band. We have the name, but the work ethic is completely different now.

It was only after signing with Basick Records that things picked up and we realised we can build it into something. We only really gained focus and momentum when our current lineup was put together in 2011; anything previous to that we’d like to void [laughs]!

What keeps you motivated after a decade in music?

Music keeps us motivated. It’s a simple love for music! You always want to create more and keep progressing, whether it be in a band or on a personal level. We’ll always be writing music!

There’s always something new to inspire you to create – and with our current sound and lineup, we couldn’t be more inspired.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2015, once Vimana is out there?

We just want to get out there and play the new material to people! We’ve got some UK festivals over summer, then from September time we’ll be touring the UK and EU again.

What’s your biggest goal as a band?

I can’t speak for the other guys, but for me it would be Japan. Touring over there would be my biggest goal!


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Posted on 09 June 2015

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