No Consequence – ‘Vimana’ [Review]

No Consequence

No Consequence are known as purveyors of top-notch tech metal. Their instrumental skill is indisputable – as is the level of social awareness amplified through past classics such as Coerce:Conform and Enemy of Logic. Beyond that point, you still have to take pristine production, ball-bursting heaviness, and shattered-mirror riffage into account before you get the whole picture.

Vimana sees the introduction of a new side to No Consequence. Their signature blend of fragmented riffs, disjointed melodies, and harsh hardcore vocals is, this time out, augmented by a fresh and revitalising focus on massive, über-hench grooves. The influence of tech-metal titans SikTh, Meshuggah, and Periphery (while still present) has been decisively consigned to the periphery of No Consequence’s collective consciousness, in favour of a more idiosyncratic stylistic core.

Maintaining creative momentum for ten years is a tough ask for any band – but No Consequence have hit a new peak here. Our Time Has Come kicks into a beatdown as filthy as the ex you keep thinking about texting but stop yourself because you know it would just end badly; Is This A Way To Live will leave you in a neck brace if you try headbanging to it; The Turning Point features an all-consuming tsunami of an opening riff; Citizen‘s vocals cut through with crystal clarity over gurn-inducing rhyhthms; and Disconnect connects via warped chords, ruminative lyrics, and not-a-note-wasted guitar solos. And those are just my highlights…

Although it’s tough to choose an overall standout aspect, I’d go for the drumming. Sick tones, intense punchiness, and all of the pocket, even over multiple time-mangling meter changes…fuck. If you’ve read this far, all that’s left is for you to mark June 8 on your calendar, listen to Io on repeat, and get ready for an album which will give even that one a run for its money…



Vimana is out June 8 via Basick Records. TMMP discusses the new album and more with vocalist Kaan Tasan in this interview!

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Posted on 21 May 2015

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