Cambion – ‘Mechanics Of Extinction’ [Review]

unnamed (2)If you’re a metal fan in a relationship, and you’re not sure whether your other half is really The One, try this simple test:

Step 1:

Invite them over for a “…quiet night in”.

Step 2:

Light some candles. Fluff up the cushions on your sofa. Prepare an assortment of dips and chips, or a pizza, or whatever you’d usually do.

Step 3: 

Snuggle up on the sofa with your other half, and play the video below on your laptop.

Step 4: 

If they haven’t broken up with you by the end of it, they may be The One.

If they click the Replay button…well…congratulations!


Links / Video

Cambion official website.

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Posted on 23 March 2015

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