Thomas Giles – ‘Modern Noise’ [Review]

thomas giles modern noiseIn music, the term ‘side project’ is all too often synonymous with ‘pretentious and execrable waste of time’. Not so here – although given that we’re talking about a member of Between The Buried And Me (who even managed to put out a non-shitty covers album), it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise.

Modern Noise shifts expertly between multiple heavily-nuanced styles, from the Muse-jamming-with-Dream-Theater layers of Siphon the Bad Blood and I Appear Disappear to the psychotic dinner-jazz swing of Blueberry Queen; the synth-driven vibes of We Wander Lonely and opening track Wise and Silent; and the distinctly BTBAM-esque chords of lead track Mutilated World. All of that, and I’m only describing the first half of this gloriously progressive LP. Continue into the depths of Modern Noise and you’ll find elegantly understated piano in the short-lived Noise Upon, wickedly dirty riffs within Wander Drug, disarmingly poppy synth work on the downbeat The Devil Net, and fantastic polyrhythmic approaches on closing tune Modern Noise.

Overall, Modern Noise is guaranteed to satisfy not only fans of Between The Buried And Mebut also prog aficionados of all kinds – as well as those who feel bored of more basic-issue guitar-and-synth-based music. Modern Noise has a clearly defined beginning, middle, and end, with plenty of unpredictable twists throughout – making it a well-paced journey through Thomas Giles’ latest musical musings, and everything a solo album ought to be.


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Posted on 11 December 2014

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