Black Peaks – ‘Closer To The Sun’ [Review]

black peaks closer to the sun

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There are three kinds of bands: Those who sound good on record, those who sound good live, and those who do both. Ideally, every band would fit the third mould – but even if that were the case, Black Peaks would still stand out by a dozen country miles.

The last time they surfaced on TMMP, I described Black Peaks as Meshuggah multiplied by The Mars Volta – and I still stand by that description when it comes to considering this EP with a critical ear. As for actual criticism in the negative or constructive sense, I have none. Closer To The Sun is the kind of hectic rollercoaster ride most Hollywood summer blockbusters wish they could be: Saviour knocks the listener off-balance as effectively as a punch from an MMA fighter received on a teacup ride, sounding like Biffy Clyro jamming with Deftones and bringing in Guthrie Govan for a fleet-fingered country-metal guitar solo; Say You Will brings to mind Sound Awake-era Karnivool with a dose of extra math-tinged brutality and some grungy extended chords; and the set-closing title track hops, skips, jumps, karate chops and kung fu kicks its way to a beautifully attenuated climax, pausing now and again for well-deserved breathers.

Meshuggah, The Mars Volta, Biffy, Deftones, Guthrie Govan and Karnivool. That’s one hell of a mixture – and a musical dream come true for me. Bands like Black Peaks are the reason I do this. Cheers, guys.

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Posted on 13 July 2014

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