Baby Godzilla – ‘Knockout Machine’ [Review]

Very few bands give as few fucks as Baby Godzilla. Even fewer bands use this trait to their advantage; there’s a very fine line between “putting in no effort” and genuine fuck-giving-free music. Baby Godzilla, however, are on the right side of every line. Every track on Knockout Machine is intensely chaotic, and yet makes perfect sense. In fact, if you were to force Baby Godzilla into a tightly-quantized corner, the results would most likely lose every last iota of structural integrity, and just dissolve into something utterly unlistenable.

As it is, however, Knockout Machine is a genuine achievement. If this band’s career were a computer game, they’d have to wait until the next expansion pack before they could level up again; but having witnessed Baby Godzilla’s live work ethic at a Palm Reader show last year, and listening to their recorded output now, their next move is likely to break all common-sense notions of “what a band should do” and go somewhere else entirely. A city-levelling set of brutal and indefatigable hyperkineticism.


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Posted on 07 February 2014

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