Takedown Festival 2015 [Festival Preview]

TD-23-01-15-ANNOUNCEMENTbPlanning a quiet night in this Saturday? Considering lighting some scented candles, taking a bubble bath, and listening to some light jazz?

The hell you are!

If you’re a serious UK rock fan, you’re doing one of two things this weekend. You’re either heading to Southampton for Takedown Festival and getting sweaty in the pit for an immense lineup of epic bands, or Read more…

Posted on 04 March 2015

Fish Tank – ‘Friends’ [Review]

fish tankBiffy vibes, buckets of energy, raging outro riffs, and one of the most random videos I’ve seen this side of Baby Godzilla’s YouTube channel. All of my yes is being given to Fish Tank right now. Definitely a band to watch out for in 2015. Read more…

Posted on 28 November 2014

Baby Godzilla – ‘Knockout Machine’ [Review]

Very few bands give as few fucks as Baby Godzilla. Even fewer bands use this trait to their advantage; there’s a very fine line between “putting in no effort” and genuine fuck-giving-free music. Baby Godzilla, however, are on the right side of every line. Every track on Knockout Machine is intensely chaotic, and yet makes perfect sense. In fact, if you were to force Baby Godzilla into a tightly-quantized corner, the results would most likely lose every last iota of structural integrity, and just dissolve into something utterly unlistenable. Read more…

Posted on 07 February 2014

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