Lydia Stockbridge – The Boileroom [Interview – Independent Venue Week 2015]

boileroom bannerFestival season may be months away, but fans of live music across the UK will have plenty to look forward to next week as Independent Venue Week 2015 kicks off. IVW is all about Read more…

Posted on 20 January 2015

The MU Discusses: The Boileroom & UK Live Music

the mu keep music liveWithout the Musician’s Union, life in one of the country’s most vibrant and culturally vital industries would be even harder than it already is. The MU has long stood up for every musician’s right to earn a living, and make his or her way through a famously fickle business without fear of falling prey to its many (often cunningly disguised) predators. The MU also fights on every level – from local to international stages – to ensure that music industry operators play fair.

With Guildford venue the Boileroom facing the possibility of closure, TMMP caught up with Kelly Wood (Live Performance Official) & Paul Burrows (Regional Organiser, East / Southeast England) of the Musician’s Union to discuss the Boileroom and the state of the UK’s live music scene.

This interview is part of a larger TMMP feature which can be read in full here.

What is your general opinion of the Boileroom? 

PB – Well run, small venue. Vital for the local, regional, and national live scene. Without venues such as this around the country, original bands working their way up the music business would not Read more…

Posted on 10 September 2014

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