The Dillinger Escape Plan feat. Jarren Benton – ‘Rage’ [Review]

converse ep vol 2This track broke my brain, in a good way. By all rights, rapping and flowing over Dillinger’s hyper-complex mathcore insanity should be as impossible as taking flight by flapping your arms really quickly – but on Rage Jarren Benton proves that assumption wrong with style, panache, and still more style. Math-rap should be a thing, especially considering a) how hard this track wins; b) that being able to rap over something that’s not in 4/4 is as worthy a thing to boast about as the size of your bank account and/or cock; and c) that Jarren Benton’s only current competition (see YouTube below) are missing the point entirely. Read more…

Posted on 15 September 2014

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