Gus G – ‘Fearless’ (Album Review)

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If you play guitar, Gus G will need little introduction. As the founder of power metal masters Firewind, former sideman to none other than Ozzy Osbourne, and shred-ready solo artist in his own right, Gus G’s CV is punctuated with serious achievements. In the world of the six-string, he is a true legend.

Fearless just keeps delivering”

Fearless can be summed up in a single word: Authentic. This is true, pure hard rock and metal as it was always meant to be performed – with total conviction and appropriately fearless confidence. After so many years in the game, Gus G seems to have levelled up once more.

Picking out highlights is not easy. This album is too consistent to fall victim to twenty-first-century cherry-picking. Instead, it can very easily be taken in the old-fashioned way – as an album, not just a collection of tracks.

From hyper-shred instrumentals to solid rock stompers, a heart-rending ballad in Nothing To Say, and a modernised cover of the Dire Straits classic Money For Nothing, Fearless just keeps delivering – as does Gus G himself. From frantic leads to over-the-top tapping, flawless harmonies, and impassioned licks galore, this album is of course a guitarist’s wonderland. But still, Fearless is a finely-rounded set that you can recommend not just to the axe wielders in your life, but also to anyone set on keeping the rock ‘n’ roll flame burning for a long time to come.

LTK RATING: 93% (Essential Listening!)

Fearless is out April 20 on iTunes.

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Posted on 13 April 2018

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