Dorje (Live Review – House Of Vans, London, September 9 2017)

Dorje Live Review London House Of Vans Boss September 2017 Detritus Centred And One Aeromancy White Dove Flower Of Life Outspoken

The House of Vans is a unique place. Half music venue, half skate park, it’s exactly where you would expect to discover cultural components that only fit far outside the box. Dorje, naturally, fit right in.

Over the past five years, Dorje have proven that you don’t need to follow trends, norms, and the status quo in order to make an impact. Their success may be driven in part by a total mastery of social media, but Dorje are also a band of virtuosos bonded at a telepathic level. Their music is catchy, but it also blends plenty of progressive sophistication into a superheated rock/metal melting pot.

If Dorje’s set closer and unreleased song Detritus is anything to go by, they’re set to get intimidatingly heavy. Past EPs Catalyst and Centred And One (both plundered for this run-through of Dorje’s most popular tracks to date) are undoubtedly intense, but with a hotly anticipated debut album looming on the horizon it looks like Dorje’s soon-to-be-latest will reflect the constant chaotic confusion we’re all barraged by in everyday life right now. In that sense as well as musically, Dorje continue to sit right on the cutting edge of heavy music.

Live, Dorje are consummate professionals. They’ve always been in their element when onstage, but at this point you can tell giving all they’ve got at every opportunity is simply second nature to them. If you need 10,000 hours of practice to become world class at something, Dorje have put in some incalculable multiple of that number by now.

When you’re just that good at what you do, it’s naturally going to take time to hit yet another level – but there’s no doubt in my mind that Dorje’s first ever long-playing excursion will see them do exactly that. I can’t wait. It will be, it’s safe to say, monumental.


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Posted on 10 September 2017

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